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Alvey Reels

Alvey Reels

Alvey Reels were created by the legendary Charles Alvey and his son, Ken Alvey, who devised the unique design which today has been developed into a world famous iconic Australian brand still owned by the Alvey family.

The side-cast technique of Alvey fishing reels which is a feature on most of the Alvey reel range is simple to master and will add an exciting new dimension to your angling. Find Alvey reels at Anaconda, just one of the many great products for fishermen available at great prices.

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Can I buy Alvey Reels at Anaconda?

Yes, you can. Anaconda stocks a number of Alvey Reels for you to choose from. Most Alvey reels use what is commonly known as a sidecast fishing action which means the reel is turned sideways to cast. Alveys unique sidecast system is very easy to master, and once mastered you will be casting like a champion. Alvey reels have the capability of casting so far that the late Jack Alvey actually won a long-distance casting medal at the International Casting Championships.

What type of Alvey reel should I purchase?

You will need to consider the following:

  • What kind of fishing am I going to do? (e.g. surf, estuary, rock etc.)
  • Do I want direct wind or a drag style reel?
  • Do I need a lightweight graphite reel or stainless-steel back?

You also need to remember to make sure your rod is designed to suit an Alvey Reel.

  • Does it have a low winch fitting?
  • Is the first runner set approximately half way up the rod?

What are the different types of Alvey Reels?


'A' - Stainless steel backplate
'B' - Graphite backplateTHE DRAG REEL (THE C and BC SERIES)
'C' - Stainless steel backplate
'BC' - Graphite backplate
'E' - Stainless steel backplate
'BE' - Graphite backplate

How do I maintain an Alvey Reel?

Alvey reels are robust and constructed to be hard-wearing and usable for a long time. When you return home from a hard fishing trip, it is recommended that you do rinse the reel in a bucket of fresh water before storage. An occasional drop of oil on moving parts will also ensure that you get good performance out of your reel for many years.

Does Anaconda supply other fishing reels as well?

Yes, Alvey reels are just one type of fishing reel in the huge collection of reels that are being sold via Anaconda. Check our fishing reel section for great fishing reels not only made by Alvey but by many other top fishing brands, to find the fishing reel that suits your fishing style, location and budget.

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