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What Are The Basic Fishing Lures I Need To Have?

With such a large variety of fishing lures in existence today, it can be difficult to determine which lures you should have in your personal collection. There are so many shapes, designs, and even materials to choose from. So, if you find yourself struggling to find the basic fishing lures for your fishing trips, be sure to check out the recommended basic fishing lures below.

What Is The First Basic Lure I Must Have In My Collection?

One of the first lures anglers should look at is the spinner lure, also referred to as spinnerbait. As the name suggests, this type of lure is equipped with a number of blades, which can create a spinning motion when the lure is reeled in.

The design of the spinning lure is more important than most other lures, this since they must attract predatory fish higher up in the water column. Therefore, most spinning lures will have a reflective look, which interacts with the light hitting the water.

As you can imagine, the spinning lure will mimic a swimming smaller fish, which attracts common fish types such as pike and bass. Of course, there are other varieties of spinner lures, which can attract other predatory fish.

What Is The Second Basic Lure I Must Have In My Collection?

Another essential that simply must be included in your fishing collection is the so-called crankbait lure. Much like the previously mentioned spinner lure, this type of lure is available in many different designs and colours. However, the dominant design is a combination of hooks and a lip in the front of the design. That being said, there are some versions that do not contain this lip.

Interestingly, crankbait is another type of lure that is extremely attractive for bass. Still, these types of lures can have different weights, this means that some will sink deeper than others and therefore attract different kinds of fish.

When you want to determine how deep your crankbait lure will sink, always look at the size and the weight of the lip in front of the lure. To ensure you have a variety, you should always include a shallow, medium, and a deep diver for your crankbait lures. This provides you with plenty of variety and a multitude of options.

What Is The Third Basic Lure I Must Have In My Collection?

One lure that nobody can go without is the spoon lure. The spoon is undoubtedly a classic lure that has been around for a very long time. Of course, since this is a classic "proven" lure, it is a staple for many anglers and suitable for a variety of waters.

Spoon lures can have an interesting "dual" design. On one side, they can be equipped with a reflective coating. On the other side, they can have the typical metallic coating. When a lure has two different sides, it certainly can prove interesting to catch different fish and can even function as a scout lure.

What Is The Fourth Basic Lure I Must Have In My Collection?

A jig lure is another essential for the modern-day angler. Contrary to the previous lures we have mentioned, the jig lure is considered a specialised lure, as this kind of lure is used for a fishing technique called jigging.

One of the unique things about the jig lure is the movement it makes when it is being reeled in. The movement of this lure is vertical, this opposed to the horizontal movement that most lures make. In addition to moving vertically in the water, it can also have a rather erratic movement overall, which once again attracts quite unique types of fish.

Getting Your Basic Lures At Anaconda

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