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Common Jig Lures To Use During Your Fishing Experience

Jigging is a common fishing technique you will implement sooner or later, whether you are a beginner or an experienced angler. If you do not have any jig lures in your collection yet, then it is certainly time to acquire some. Not quite familiar with popular types of jig lures and their functions? Be sure to check out some of our recommendations below.

What Is The First Jig Lure I Should Add To My Collection?

The swimming jig is certainly a lure that should be in your personal collection, this since this kind of jig is often used by professional anglers and has proven to provide some amazing results.

There is a maximum weight for the swimming jig and that is approximately 15 grams. Good swimming jigs will also have a tail and a weed guard, which ensures the jig does not get stuck as it vertically bounces around in the ocean. You can also get this model with or without a lip, depending on your preferences.

One of the major benefits of fishing with a swimming jig is that it does not require a heavy hook. You can use this hook with your slender and thin hooks, opposed to the heavier options in your personal collection. You can also combine this lure with a variety of tails and switch them out.

What Is The Second Jig I Should Add To My Collection?

The casting jig is another popular lure that should be considered. It is characterised by its flat head, which makes the design stand out from most options out there. The casting jig is certainly suitable for beginners as well, as this kind of jig is multi-purpose and does not require a particular level of skill.

What Is The Third Jig I Should Add To My Collection?

If you have trouble reeling in more seaweed and grass than fish while jigging, it might be time to look at the grass jig. The grass jig is designed to penetrate areas with grass or seaweed, but without picking the stuff up.

Grass jigs can be light and heavy, it depends on the preferences you have. The lightest versions start at approximately 7 grams and the heavier versions stand at approximately 42 grams.

Please note that it is important to choose a grass jig that does not have too many additional components, this could still cause snagging problems with grass or seaweed. Instead, choose the basic models with the right weight for maximum performance.

What Is The Fourth Jig I Should Add To My Collection?

Another jig that can be used to fish in water that contains things that could snag your line is the flipping jig. This type of jig is perfect for waters that contain wood or even brush, at its firm and compact nature can withstand that environment.

The weight of the flipping jig is generally around 25-30 grams. It is often combined with a strong and heavier fishing hook, this to complement the firmer yet stronger design of the flipping jig.

What Is The Fifth Jig I Should Add To My Collection?

There are a large number of jigs that can deal with difficult fishing environments, even though they make a vertical movement in the water. In addition to the flipping jig and the grass jig, you can also acquire the football jig.

The football jig has acquired its name because of the football-shaped head, which makes the jig roll over debris such as rocks and rubble that may be hidden underneath the water. If you fish in rocky waters and often get your lure stuck between the cracks of those rocks, then be sure to acquire the football jig to prevent such accidents.

When you add a hook to your football jig, always choose something that is relatively wide. While you can choose a thinner hook, it's width is certainly counted among the most important properties.

Get Your Jig Lures At Anaconda

Anaconda provides a stunning collection of jig lures, this includes this collection of squid jigs. If you do not have a squid jig in your collection yet, be sure to acquire some from Anaconda for an amazing price!



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