Metal Lures

Metal Lures

Metal lures are a traditional and simple, but very effective form of lure fishing. The lures are crafted to imitate bait fish and when used by a skilled angler, they can fool predators into striking. Metal lures are superb for casting and for working through the water column.

Boat anglers can also make full use of metal lures both for casting and retrieving and working vertically below a drifting boat. Here at Anaconda, choose from metal lures by Halco and other brands available in a range of shapes and sizes, in silver or other colours, or with a laser finish that reflects the light to imitate live bait.

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  •   Halco Twisty Lures

    Halco Twisty Lures

    The curved ends of the famous Twisty create an enticing action like no other metal lure. From a slow wobbling retrieve to a high speed splashing retrieve this lure is truly versatile. All lures are available in Chrome and Gold finishes with a holographic sparkle to match....

    Reg: $6.99 - $11.99

    Now: $5.59 - $9.59

  •   Halco Streaker Lures

    Halco Streaker Lures

    The hole in the Streaker creates an exciting bubble trail which has proven to be an exceptional fish attractant when seen from below the surface. The eight reflective sides create attractive flash. A unique combination of bubble and flash.

    Reg: $5.99 - $10.99

    Now: $4.79 - $8.79

  •   Halco Wobbler Lures

    Halco Wobbler Lures

    This well proven lure has plenty of applications. Its shape is ideal for slower retrieves as well as jigging for small and large fish alike. The fish shape can trigger a predator to strike the lure. The standard Wobbler has a blood red teaser attached to the rear fish ring and the Wobbler Sparkler i...

    Reg: $3.99 - $6.99

    Now: $3.19 - $5.59

  • Neptune Tackle Pilchard Lure

    Neptune Tackle Pilchard Lure

    Perfectly moulded to imitate a baitfish and ideally suited to cast and retrieve from just about anywhere-boats,jetties or surf beaches being made of lead you can be sure these lures are durable and you can even bend them to create your own swim pattern...

    Reg: $2.99 - $5.49

  •   Gillies Baitfish Metal Lures

    Gillies Baitfish Metal Lures

    Gillies Baitfish lures are uniquely designed to imitate fleeing baitfish. The high quality laser finish reflects light at a variety of angles to give maximum attraction. The versatility of this lure allows for casting, trolling and jigging....

    Reg: $6.49 - $7.49

    Now: $4.86 - $5.61

  •   Halco Outcast Metal Spinning Lures

    Halco Outcast Metal Spinning Lures

    Halco Outcast Metal Spinning Lures....

    Reg: $6.99 - $9.99

    Now: $5.59 - $7.99

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