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Bait & Burley

Bait & Burley

Need the right bait to catch those fish? Look no further than Anaconda, because we provide a large and extensive collection of bait and burley. From basic burley mixes to big red fish oils and garlic scents, we have suitable bait and burley for even the most experienced fishermen and women.

Anaconda also provides some amazing deals on its range of bait and burley at the moment! If you are finding prices at another store too expensive, why not choose the most affordable store in Australia, who provides you with the best range of bait and burley?

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Can I buy Bait and Burley from Anaconda?

Hook a big one with the best of bait and burley from Anaconda. Whether you are new to the angling world or a seasoned pro, then you are sure to find the bait and burley that you are looking for amongst this collection. Attract your target fish and encourage them to bite with the fantastic selection of bait and burley products from Anaconda. Find great deals on everything that you need to hook a big one online or at your local Anaconda store today.

What is included in this range?

This range includes a large and extensive collection of bait and burley, so whatever you hope to catch we will have you covered. Burley mix is one of the best ways to attract fish, and it is commonly used to encourage a more aggressive feeding response. Many anglers use scents and gels to attract fish also, and we have a wide selection to choose from at Anaconda.

Whether you are looking for shrimp, garlic, aniseed or even redfish oil, using scents and gels is a great way to encourage more fish into your target spot. This range also includes Bait Buddy, a fine elasticised thread that is virtually invisible and will help to keep your bait on the hook for longer, which is ideal for when you are using soft baits such as shellfish. With chum for all water conditions, scents to attract more fish, and oils to keep them biting, check out our bait and burley section at Anaconda today.

What is burley and why should I use it?

Burley, also known as ground bait, berley, or chum, is the regular release of fish foods into a waterway, and it is designed to attract fish onto your line, and it is reported to trigger a more aggressive feeding response. Whether you are freshwater fishing or sea fishing, most fish will respond to burley of some kind.

There are many different ways of using burley while you are fishing, and most anglers will have a tried and tested method that they swear by. It is important to consider the current, water depth and wind before making your burley trail. To get the best results from using burley, get your trail to start up current from where you are casting into the water, positioning your burley pot, so your bait is comfortably in its path. Remember though, it is important not to put too much burley into the water so that you are feeding the fish. You want to entice them and encourage them to get hungry, not fill them up on this!

Do you have any tips for using these scents?

Using burley will help to draw in your fish, and another way to do this is by choosing one of our scents and oils to encourage more fish in the area. Fish have a highly tuned sense of smell, with some research biologists stating that this is 1000 times stronger than what dogs have and using scents is a traditional way of encouraging them to bite. It is an increasingly popular way of attracting more fish.

Take advantage of their sensitive sense of aroma with the fabulous collection of scents available from Anaconda. Remember that not all fragrances are created equal, and the one that you use may depend on the fish that you are hoping to catch. If you are applying scent to plastic bait, it is recommended that you reapply it often. However, remember that adding lashings of scent or oil may work against you and that overloading your bait with aromas may repel them. There are many things to consider when choosing your scent, but they are a sure-fire way to even up the stakes and make sure that you keep catching.

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