Bait & Burley Accessories

When using live bait or burley to catch your fish, you will want to make sure you have the right accessories to get the best results. At Anaconda, find bait boards in various sizes, burley pots and other fishing accessories such as an aerator pump to keep bait alive, to ensure your fishing expedition in successful. Once your fish are caught, use the handy fillet board to gut and clean your catch. With a clip to immobilise your fish and a measure for getting nice, even fillets, this gadget will save you much time

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Can I purchase bait & burley accessories at Anaconda?

Yes, you can. Fishermen who like to fish with live bait or burley will need to have the right equipment and accessories to make sure that their bait or burley remains in good condition throughout the fishing period. Here at Anaconda, we stock bait boards, bait or burley buckets, Aerators and other essentials for anglers.

What are the main things to watch out for when fishing with live bait?

If you prefer to fish with live bait (usually very small fish, worms or leeches) you have the option of buying it in a sports or fishing shop or catching it yourself in advance of your fishing expedition. Whether you buy or catch your bait it should always be kept fresh and lively because active fresh minnows, worms and leeches catch more fish, and it will also save you money if you learn how to keep your bait alive.

How do I keep my bait alive for longer?

Having fresh, lively bait can make a world of difference in getting a bite. The action of a struggling minnow/sucker on a hook with a natural scent will draw attention of nearby fish. Here are a few pointers in keeping your live bait alive long enough to be useful, especially during the summer months:

1. Keep them Cool. Nothing kills bait more quickly than extreme heat. Keep your bait bucket in the shade and out of direct sunlight. If the water gets warm, it reduces the oxygen content in the water. Small amounts of ice can be added periodically, but do not overload the ice or the temperature drop will shock the fish and kill them.

2. Changing the Water. If the water in your bait container turns cloudy or they are at the top gasping for air, you need to change the water in your bait bucket. If you are on a lake or a river, make sure you adjust the water in the bait bucket to the same temperature as the water you are fishing in by adding small amounts of water rather than submerging the entire bucket, as the temperature change my kill the bait.

3. Proper amount of bait. Overcrowding in a bait container will immediately reduce the amount of available oxygen, and increase the toxic ammonia level from the waste released by the fish. If you overfill your container with minnows, you may find 1/3 or more of your bait will be dead by the time you reach your destination.

How do I fish with burley?

Burley, or berley, chum or ground bait, depending on where you live, is another way of catching fish. Burley can be made up from all kinds of ingredients, and many anglers have their own, secret, magic recipes that they prefer. Burley can be made up of pieces of live bait, pilchards, crushed up pieces of mussel, or even cat food! Some people mix these ingredients with rice, bread, rolled oats or other items to bulk out their burley offering.

Burley can be dispensed by hand in small quantities, to lead the fish to your location, or can be hung from a boat in a special burley bucket.


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