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Fly Combos

Fly Combos

If you're thinking of taking up fly fishing but are unsure where to start and what gear you need then browse through our range of products or visit us instore to find out about what combo of fly fishing equipment you need.

Fly combos are an ideal way for beginning anglers to get everything they need when starting their new hobby. Find your perfect combination of rod and reel, as well as line and even an assortment of flies. At Anaconda we can provide you with everything you need to set you up for a session of trout fishing or light estuary fishing.

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Be Ready for Fly Fishing with Anaconda’s Guide for Beginners!

Fly fishing can be an amazing hobby for any Australian. Of course, fly fishing requires some knowledge and skill, so to help you take your first steps in the world of Australian fly fishing, we have created the ultimate beginner’s guide below. Read on to discover what essential knowledge you require before getting started.

Do I Need Special Instruction Before I Can Start Fly Fishing on My Own?

Even though you are not obligated to get lessons before you start fly fishing, many professionals recommend proper instruction. Developing the right techniques for fly fishing is essential, especially if you want to prevent bad habits. So, if you are new to fly fishing, be sure to get some lessons from a licensed professional.

What Do I Need to Know About Fly Fishing Locations?

There are several locations you could consider for fly fishing. You can usually find some excellent spots by looking at online forums, since fellow fly fishers can provide you with some of their favourite spots. Of course, you can also use some of your own knowledge to find the best spot.

One of the best ways to determine where you will go fly fishing is by looking at the location where fish feed. Good examples are fish such as trout and salmon, which tend to stay in fast-moving waters. Trout and salmon use as little energy as possible, so the fast-moving water will make the food come to them. Of course, the ideal space for them to catch food is the connection between fast-moving water and a deeper section of the lake or river.

What Equipment Do I Require for Fly Fishing?

Fly fishing requires some special equipment; this includes a good fly rod and fly reels. Both items are created for fly fishing specifically, so they usually come with additional information that could help you choose the right equipment for your fishing location.

Fly reels are single-action reels; this means they operate by removing line off the spool with only one hand. The casting of the rod will happen with the other hand. Therefore, the reel is used to store your line, provide some resistance, and counterbalance the overall weight of the rod.

What Should I Know About Fly Fishing Lines?

To get the proper line for fly fishing, the weight of the line is incredibly important. Fly lines weigh almost nothing; this enables you to manoeuvre the line as required.

We must mention that the quality of your fly fishing line is often more important than the rod. Even a quality line on a cheap rod can do an excellent job, so this is the part of your fly fishing equipment you do not want to skimp down on.

In addition to the overall quality of your fly fishing line, you must also look at the density of the fly fishing line. The density of your line will determine where the fly will float, sink, or suspend. So, before you buy your fly fishing line, be sure to consider which fish you want to catch and where.

Do I Need Waders?

Once you have your basic fly fishing equipment, you must look at waders too. Even though it is not considered as essential as some of the other equipment, if you are fishing in freshwater, then you simply need some waders in your fly fishing collection.

There are different types of waders available nowadays, so fly fishers can certainly find something that they feel most comfortable in. The most common types of waders as chest-high waders, but you can also get individual leg waders and high waders.

Manufacturers can use various types of materials for their waders. One of the most versatile materials for waders is neoprene, which provides strength as well as waterproof properties.

Another material that can be used for waders is nylon. The material is considered amongst some of the strongest, but it does have its disadvantages for warmer temperatures. Opposed to some other materials used in waders, nylon is not that breathable. Therefore, they might not be as suitable for Australian fly fishing in warmer temperatures. Still, nylon is a little more flexible than most materials out there.

What Fly Fishing Equipment Can I Obtain from Anaconda?

Anaconda provides customers with a full range of fly fishing equipment; this includes anything from the line to fly rod combos. To get more familiar with the range, please head over to our main catalogue. We are sure you will find what you need.

Do you have a question about fly fishing equipment? Or do you need some advice on the equipment you intend to purchase. If so, feel free to contact the Anaconda team for some additional information.

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