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Fishing for the First Time?

Before you cast that first fishing line, try to have a general idea about fishing and what is involved. There is a lot of information out there so it may be seem overwhelming at first but chatting to our expert's in-store will start you off on the right foot. Our dedicated experts at all Anaconda stores will help you find the specific rod and reels that are perfect for someone who is just beginning to cast.

Furthermore our team can take you through the basics like adding fishing bait to hooks, casting your line and tying knots before you're out there on the water. Our team members have great local knowledge and will give you advice that is specific to fishing in your region, like which bait is the best bait use and this will give you the best chance of catching the fish of your dreams!

Can't Come Into Store? Some Tips to get you Started...

The first and most important thing to think about is the rod and reel. As a newbie your best options are 1) a bait casting outfit, 2) a spin-casting set or 3) an open-faced spinning reel and matching rod. A medium-sized 6-7 foot fiberglass spinning rod with a medium action will be a good option for most beginner anglers.

This rig plus a few lures and a good selections of hooks and sinkers should be suitable for most fresh water fish, in most waters, and even some smaller saltwater species.

Terminal tackle includes the hooks, sinkers, bobbers and artificial lures you will be attaching to the end of your line before you cast your rod. The choices can be overwhelming at first but a few basic purchases will get you underway in no time. A good fishing combo will help you as a beginner giving you a good selection to get started.

What are the Different Types of Fishing Rods?

Fibreglass rods are normally a more cost effective, robust and heavier option than other fishing rods. These are for people who would want an economical option for bait fishing.

Graphite composite rods provide for a combination of fibreglass strength with slight weight reductions, increased tip sensitivity and improved casting performance over standard all-fibreglass rods. They are available in all types of rod styles and can be used in a variety of fishing techniques, including bait fishing on the beach and in estuaries, to offshore trolling. They are less expensive than full graphite rods, however some of the top-shelf composite rods can still be fairly expensive.

Modern graphite rods are the lightest and offer a great amount of sensitivity. They usually have faster tapers and perform better in casting than fibreglass and composite rods. Graphite rods are usually the best option when any casting is involved and are a common choice for lure fisherman. Keep in mind that these are more fragile than fibreglass and composite fishing rods and so more care is needed.



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