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The Bestsellers From the Step Outside Collection

Step Outside always provides you with some amazing tips where equipment is concerned. Still, even within this amazing collection, there are some clear bestsellers. If you want to know which pieces of equipment should undoubtedly be in your personal fishing collection, be sure to check out the bestsellers below.

What Is The First Bestseller In The Step Outside Collection?

The Shimano Kairiki 150-Metre Braid Line is the absolute bestseller in this catalogue. The line uses VT construction technology, which is a specific type of braiding that makes the line incredibly strong despite being thinner in diameter.

This braid line is an outstanding choice for many different situations and techniques. It is a wonderful choice for finesse fishing, but can also be used for tying knots, and lure casting. When you want something with some extra sensitivity, this bestseller will put you on the right track.

What Is The Second Bestseller In The Step Outside Collection?

The second bestseller in this overview is the Shimano Jewel Spinning Rod. This spinning rod is an outstanding choice for beginners, as it is relatively easy to handle. Of course, it does provide some extras that could be interesting for advanced anglers too.

Each Shimano Jewel Spinning Rod comes with technology such as a Fuji TVS reel seat and Alconite guides. It is a premium top water rod, which makes it suitable for a variety of fishing locations.

What Is The Third Bestseller In The Step Outside Collection?

Our next bestseller is also the top-selling lure in our lures collection, more specifically the Storm Gomoku Koika Lure. While the bold design of this lure stands out immediately, there are many other reasons why this lure could be the top choice for your fishing trip.

The Storm Gomoku Koika is a jigging lure, which means it will move through the water vertically. It also has a relatively broad profile, this means it can flutter a little easier as well. The lure is also designed for a little more depth, which means this lure can reach those deeper locations with fish as well. With so much versatility, this is a lure that cannot be missing from your collection.

What Is The Fourth Bestseller In The Step Outside Collection?

In addition to the Storm Gomoku Koika Lure, there is another lure that is a real bestseller in the Step Outside collection, more specifically the Squidgies Bio Fish Lure. This is not just any lure though, as it is made with the latest environmental technologies, making this lure biodegradable for a minimum of 50%.

While the Squidgies Bio Fish Lure is incredibly environmentally friendly, it also has features that makes the lure last longer overall. The lure has received an additional UV-treatment, this ensures that your lure stays protected against prolonged exposure to sunlight. This lure is also suitable for both saltwater and freshwater fishing.

What Is The Fifth Bestseller In The Step Outside Collection?

If you intend on fishing for snapper, you cannot miss out on the fifth bestseller from the Step Outside Collection, the Quickfire MK27'4000 Snapper Combo. As the name of this rod suggests, this rod is designed specifically to catch snapper. It also includes a brilliant graphite blank and a genuine Sienna reel, which certainly guarantee the best performance for experienced anglers.

While the Quickfire is not the ideal rod for beginners, it is certainly a rod that should be considered for your collection. Once you become more proficient and have developed your fishing techniques, you will need this amazing rod to maximise your snapper fishing skills. This is the kind of rod that will provide you with years of fun.

Other Bestsellers From The Step Outside Collection

As you may have guessed, The Step Outside Collection is incredibly popular these days. As such, there are countless other bestsellers to discover in this section of our fishing catalogue. From speed reels and fillet knives to pilchard lures, these are just some of the amazing fishing supplies you can find in our catalogue.

Of course, you can also count on Anaconda for fishing equipment and supplies aside from The Step Outside collection. If you need more inspiration, be sure to check out the other options in our extensive catalogue.



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