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Shore fishing allows you the flexibility to pick up your fishing kit and cast your line in many environments. Whether your preference is on land or further out in the wild seas, our Shore Fishing Collection has the main essentials to cater to your adventure. Find the right equipment that will bring you results. This collection features the latest rods, combos and kit boxes you need to catch a variety of fishes. Whether you want to head out to the local pier or wharf or discover the fun of surf fishing by the beach and low lying shoreline, our Shore Fishing Collection has all the equipment you require for a successful outing

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Essential Information You Need To Know About Shore Fishing

Much like freshwater fishing, estuary fishing, and saltwater fishing, shore fishing can take place in a variety of fishing locations. You can try shore fishing along the shoreline of the beach, but also of a lake. So, shore fishing does cover a variety of different locations and can require different equipment. However, for the purpose of this article we will be focussing on a specific type of shore fishing, more specifically surfcasting.

What Fishing Equipment Do I Need For Surfcasting?

As you probably have guessed already, you will not be covering massive distances with your fishing rod and reel, as you only need to cast far enough to reach the fish from where you are standing on the shore.

The ideal fishing rod for shore fishing will measure between 200 and 400 centimetres. If you are a beginner, you should also obtain a rod with a spinning reel, this is the fishing reel that is easiest to operate for beginners. Naturally, you will also require some bait, a lure, and an appropriate fishing hook.

Which Lures Are Most Effective For Surfcasting?

There are many different lures that can be implemented for this kind of fishing. The most commonly used lures include the spoon, soft plastic lure, and the jig. Please note that the latter requires the use of some technique, as the jig requires you to fish with the jigging technique and make the lure move vertically through the water.

Is There Other Equipment That Proves Effective For Surfcasting?

We already covered the basic equipment, but there can be other things that will make the fishing experience much more comfortable. One of our recommendations is a good pair of waders, this allows you to head into the surf while keeping your clothing dry.

What Top Tips Can You Provide To Maximise My Chances Of A Catch?

Once you have the right equipment, you only need the right knowledge to make the fish bite. Below, we have displayed some of the most important tips for anglers who are trying surfcasting.

Fish at night - While you may witness a lot of people attempting surfcasting during the day, you might actually have a better chance of a bite at night. A lot of species that live and hunt close to the shoreline are nocturnal, so fishing at night could increase the chance of success.

Explore the area during low tide - When low tide hits, you can learn a lot about your fishing environment. You can look for signs of shellfish, weeds, and even banks. As these could be food sources and shelters for other fish, mark the locations on a personal map to find them again at night.

Check the surf - Did you know you can determine a prime fishing spot just by looking at how the water behaves. When the surf makes a swirl movement on the water, it could be an indicator of a rock underneath the water. Once again, this could be shelter for smaller fish and a prime fishing location!

Know your tides - While this is not something you have to consider with estuary fishing, it is important when it comes to surfcasting. Always have a table with the tidal information for your fishing location. Then, mark the high-water times with a sharpie and follow by marking the spring tides with a circle. If you have a spring tide coinciding with high water fall, this will be the best time to catch your line.

Keep your tackle - A lot of beginners will lose an astronomical amount of tackles when they start out with surfcasting, because inexperience can easily lead to tackle loss. If you want to prevent making this common mistake, pay special attention to the lead weight you are using. You can find special lead weights that allow to fish to pull it into its prime position, preventing it from snagging or hanging up.

Shore Fishing Equipment From Anaconda

Anaconda provides a prime range of shore fishing equipment, this goes from rods to reels, lines, lures, and even bait. We also provide additional accessories that can make your fishing experience a little easier. So, be sure to check out the shore fishing catalogue for some brilliant options.



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