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Take to your next saltwater fishing destination with the latest fishing equipment from our Saltwater Fishing Collection. We have tailor guided this collection especially for saltwater fishing, which includes rods, reels, lures and accessories. Australia is home to diverse saltwater fishing destinations so take the opportunity to explore our wonderful freshwater rivers, streams, bays and reservoirs

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What Do I Need To Know About Fishing In Saltwater?

Many anglers have their own preference when it comes down to fishing in certain waters. While some prefer the freshwater approach, others prefer casting in saltwater. If you belong to the latter group, then we are sure you could use some information to maximise your fishing experience.

What Is Saltwater Fishing?

Saltwater fishing is a specific type of fishing, often described as fishing in the sea or ocean. However, the concept could be much broader than that. Overall, it means fishing in waters with high salinity a.k.a. salt content. That being said, you will be spending most of your time along the shoreline, on a boat, or on a pier.

What Are Common Fish To Encounter In Saltwater?

The fish you can catch in saltwater are quite diverse and surprising. Of course, there are some fish species that are more common than others. Common options include mackerel, marlin, sailfish, shark, snapper, tuna, and the striped bass.

Is Saltwater Fishing More Expensive Than Freshwater Fishing?

It can be in some instances. It really depends on your fishing location. If you are planning on fishing on top of a fishing boat, then you need to take the boat costs into consideration. However, if you are heading to the pier, you obviously will not be paying as much. Costs where rods and baits are concerned are quite uniform for saltwater and freshwater.

How Do I Maintain My Rods And Lures After Saltwater Fishing?

Contrary to freshwater, the maintenance of your fishing equipment becomes more important when you choose saltwater fishing. The problem with saltwater is that it can corrode the equipment, so special care should be taken when cleaning your equipment after your fishing trip.

Metals are specifically vulnerable to the attacks of saltwater. So, your reel and the line guides on your fishing rod could become affected. To ensure your rod does not get damaged, always rinse down your equipment with some freshwater when you come back from your fishing trip. You can also protect your gear further by spraying your equipment with a silicon-based lubricant after your fishing trip.

What Equipment Do I Need For Saltwater Fishing?

When you are a beginner, it is important not to buy the most advanced equipment immediately. It takes some skill to work with overhead rods and heavier tackles, so let us look at the equipment you should start off with instead.

Spinning reel - The spinning reel tends to be the most straightforward choice when you start out saltwater fishing. If you have never cast a line in your life, it might be a good idea to practice a couple of casts before you head of.

Fishing line - When you fish in saltwater, it may be necessary to replace your fishing line more often. You also need a fishing line that is more durable because of the saltwater and the larger fish you may encounter, so always go for brands that are known and proven.

The monofilament fishing line is still a popular choice among anglers who fish in saltwater. That being said, you should also have a look at the latest braided lines, which do have a smaller diameter but are just as strong as monofilament lines. The braided version also has additional resistance to abrasions, which could make it more beneficial for saltwater environments.

Fishing hooks - Once you start with saltwater fishing, you will notice that you will implement many different fishing hooks. Naturally, the fishing hook you use will be subject to the lure you will use. It will also depend on the fish you are trying to catch.

To get a better idea about fishing hooks, and more specifically the types you should use, it is certainly recommended to obtain one of our fishing books and guides. These books and guides can also provide you with more information about lures and bait, which helps you take your saltwater fishing skills to the next level.

Buying Saltwater Fishing Equipment At Anaconda

Anaconda provides a large collection of saltwater fishing equipment, this goes from fishing rods and hooks to lures and bait. We also have a convenient selection of guides and books, which certainly prove useful for new anglers.



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