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Treat yourself with a complete day of estuary fishing and surround yourself with some of our countrys natural surroundings. For beginners and specialist anglers, our collection features a great range of light fishing rods, reel combos and accessories that you will need for a complete day fishing in light fishing conditions. Experience a relaxing and tranquil day of estuary fishing!

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Everything You Need To Know About Estuary Fishing

Experienced anglers already know that there are various fishing environments. Naturally, this requires an adaption of your gear and even your skills. When you are into estuary fishing, you will focus your attention at semi-enclosed water bodies, this means a connection between a river and the sea. Considered as one of the most versatile ways of fishing, it can quickly become a passion for anglers.

You may wonder, what are some of the things I need to know when I start with estuary fishing? Are there pieces of equipment that are better than others? What skills should I hone? Read on to find out all the answers!

Which Fishing Skills Do I Require For Estuary Fishing?

With a combination of river and sea fishing, you may think that the skills required for estuary fishing are quite advanced. However, it is a suitable way of fishing for beginners, as the conditions for estuary fishing are usually quite calm and controlled. So, if you want to get into fishing, estuary fishing can be a good way to start.

In terms of equipment, you do not necessarily require overhead fishing rods or heavier tackles. Naturally, you can start experimenting with these once you become more proficient, there are plenty of individual fishing locations where such equipment is not needed, this includes sandbanks, moorings, and harbours.

Despite the fact you do not need the advanced equipment to start, you will encounter some interesting types of fish during estuary fishing. Since you will encounter a combination of freshwater and saltwater, the experience is certainly one of the more interesting ones in the fishing world.

Which Species Of Fish Can I Expect While Estuary Fishing?

Since you will be encountering a combination of saltwater and freshwater, the species you will encounter will be diverse too. Of course, this can be subject to your exact fishing location. For example, if you are fishing closer to the sea environment than the river environment, you are more likely to catch some fish species who live in the sea.

When fishing in a saltwater area with higher saline in the water, you should be able to catch common fish such as the ray and the cod. When you fish in waters with a lower percentage of saline - or in a freshwater area - you should be able to catch fish such as silver eels, mullets, bass, and flounders.

When Will I Need More Advanced Rods And Tackles?

In most situations, basic fishing equipment will be enough. That being said, if you are likely to fish closer to the sea, adjustments might be necessary if you are dealing with a stronger tide. Therefore, you could add a heavier rod and tackle to your collection. Still, the times you will be using it are few and far in between.

How Do I Find The Prime Fishing Locations?

Naturally, the fishing spots available in estuaries are quite diverse, but they are also versatile and changeable. Therefore, it can be difficult at times to determine where the prime fishing spots are.

Local knowledge can go a long way where fishing spots are concerned. If you hit a new fishing area for the first time, it can be beneficial to talk to other local anglers to find out where the prime fishing spots are.

Despite having some local information, you may still encounter a poor fishing spot at times. Therefore, you may need to experiment with different fishing locations to get to know the area a little better.

When trying to catch specific species in certain areas, the basic rules of angling apply. Always choose a bait that matches the species you are after. If you are unsure about different types of baits and lures, Anaconda provides a range of useful guides and books that can provide you with all the relevant bait and lure information. We also have a range of bait and lures available. So, if you do not have the accurate lures and bait, you can always obtain them from Anaconda before your trip. Also, be sure to check out the amazing prices we offer on rods, tackles, and other equipment for estuary fishing. At Anaconda, you will always get the best price!



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