Pumps Inflation

Pumps Inflation

Find the bicycle pump you need at Anaconda! With different types of pumps and inflation systems for everyone from the casual cyclist to the regular road racer, you don't have to be worry about being left at the side of the road with a deflating tyre.

Choose from portable pumps that can be clamped to your bike or stored in your pocket or backpack, to sturdy foot pumps and CO2 inflators. Our range also includes pumps with gauges so you are able to check your tyre pressure and a handy adaptor suited to Presta valves.

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  • Serfas Floor Pump With Gauge

    Serfas Floor Pump With Gauge

    This pump has a simple valve head which easily accepts Presta and Schrader valves. The TCPG has a stable base and easy to read gauge that has a red arrow indicator. Set your desired pressure and voila, you are back in business.

    Reg: $67.50

  • Serfas Mini Pump Power Stick

    Serfas Mini Pump Power Stick

    The dual stage pump action allows for high volume or high pressure with the flick of a switch. The tough alloy construction and compact design will make this pump your favorite to use....

    Reg: $64.99

  •   Fluid Floor Pump Steel Oversized

    Fluid Floor Pump Steel Oversized

    An essential for every garage or workshop, this handy floor pump saves your back and makes it faster and easier than ever to get those tyres pumped up. Gives high-pressure inflation of up to 160 psi and compatibility with Presta and Schrader valves. This cycling 'must-have' will make your ride prepa...

    Reg: $44.99

    CLUB: $35.99

  •   Fluid Surefoot Pump

    Fluid Surefoot Pump

    Great entry level pump comes with ball needles and presta valve adaptor for all your inflation needs. Max PSI 100....

    Reg: $34.99

    CLUB: $27.99

  •   Fluid Mini Alloy Pump

    Fluid Mini Alloy Pump

    Compact for easy storage the fluid mini pump is the perfect tool to bring with you for every ride. Presta/Schrader compatible inflates to 100PSI....

    Reg: $24.99

    CLUB: $19.99

  •   Serfas FP-200 Floor Pump

    Serfas FP-200 Floor Pump

    Built like a war fortress and ready to withstand years of use in the shed, the FP-200 is the perfect all-round floor pump. It can inflate to 160 psi with multi valve head fitting for use on high-pressure or standard valves types. Ergonomic handle and large gauge handily placed near the top of the me...

    Reg: $74.99

    Now: $49.99

  • Serfas Big Stick Mini Pump

    Serfas Big Stick Mini Pump

    Serfas Big Stick Mini Pump's Dual pump head fits both Presta and Schrader valve....

    Reg: $47.50

  • Bike Corp Adaptor For Presta Valve

    Bike Corp Adaptor For Presta Valve

    Presta valve adapter to inflate your tyre using a regular air pump....

    Reg: $1.99

  • Orion Mini Pump

    Orion Mini Pump

    This handy mini pump from Orion is Presta and Schrader adaptable.

    Reg: $7.99

  • JetBlack Shocker Shock Pump

    JetBlack Shocker Shock Pump

    JB Shocker Shock Pump....

    Reg: $69.99

  • Serfas Road Stick Mini Pump

    Serfas Road Stick Mini Pump

    The Road Stick is designed to throw in your jersey pocket "just in case" you encounter a flat. The sleek compact design is also practical for inflating your tire and getting you back on the road....

    Reg: $34.99

  • Serfas Full Stick Mini Pump

    Serfas Full Stick Mini Pump

    The Quick Draw Mini pump has a sleek, stylish design and is fantastic at inflating tires. The Quick Draw head allows for easy inflation of either Presta or Schrader. The dual action allows more air into the tire per stroke, making it easier to reach your desired pressure....

    Reg: $54.99

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