Cycling Nutrition

Cycling Nutrition

Alongside your balanced diet, there are multiple nutritional aides available to help you replace spent energy.

Having these in your saddle bag can be the difference between a strong day on the bike or watching others fly by!

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  •   Em's Apricot Attack Power Bar

    Em's Apricot Attack Power Bar

    Sports-focused energy & protein bar, or meal replacement snack....

    Reg: $4.49

    Now: $3.59

  •   Em's Chocolate Cranberry Craze Power Bar

    Em's Chocolate Cranberry Craze Power Bar

    Em's Power Cookies and Bars are full of wholesome natural ingredients that will provide you with sustained energy and balanced nutrition. A super delicious energy snack to fuel all your adventures....

    Reg: $4.49

    Now: $3.59

  •   Nuun Hydration Drink Tablet Tubes

    Nuun Hydration Drink Tablet Tubes

    Packed with electrolytes, light flavour, no sugars or carbs, and portable, nuun active hydration is the perfect sports drink....

    Reg: $9.99

    Now: $7.99

  •   Shotz Energy Gels

    Shotz Energy Gels

    It's carbohydrate food in liquid/gel form! Portable, great tasting and simple to consume, Shotz Energy Gels provides premium fuel to keep the brain and active muscles energised. Since 1995 Shotz Energy Gel has been the preferred choice for athletes and active lifestyle participants from all ages and...

    Reg: $2.99

    Now: $2.39

  •   Shotz Energy Bars

    Shotz Energy Bars

    A delicious nutritional energy bar with complex carbohydrates, protein and whole grain. An energy packed snack to keep pace with the body's fuel needs and to satisfy hunger....

    Reg: $3.49

    Now: $2.79

  •   GU Energy Gels

    GU Energy Gels

    GU provides athletes with a shot of 100 calories in the form of a patented carbohydrate blend (70-80% maltodextrin and 30-20% fructose) to deliver high-quality, easily-digested and long-lasting energy for athletes in every sport and at all levels. GU also includes electrolytes to ensure proper hydra...

    Reg: $2.99

    Now: $2.39

  •   GU Chomps Energy Chews

    GU Chomps Energy Chews

    GU Chomps deliver the premium ingredients and performance benefits you've come to expect from GU Energy products:...

    Reg: $4.99

    Now: $3.99

  •   GU Brew Electrolyte Drink Tablets

    GU Brew Electrolyte Drink Tablets

    GU Electrolyte Brew is water's new best friend. The fact is, when you work out you sweat more than just water. So when you drink you gotta have a special Brew with the right amounts of sodium, potassium and carbohydrates to bring your system back into balance. Used consistently, GU Brew will help yo...

    Reg: $9.99

    Now: $7.99

  •   Winners Energy Gels 4 Pack

    Winners Energy Gels 4 Pack

    Winners Energy Gels provide the quick boost of energy you need for refuelling during cycling, IRONMAN triathlon, running or any endurance exercise. Coming in a range of great tasting flavours, they help prevent fatigue and ensure performance is maintained for the duration of exercise.

    Reg: $9.99

    Now: $7.99

  •   Em's Original Power Cookie

    Em's Original Power Cookie

    Em's unrivalled Original has become famous for its classic scrumptuliciousness. Great as a breakfast cookie, with a coffee as well as die-hard adventurers....

    Reg: $4.49

    Now: $3.59

  •   PeakFuel Hydration Drink Powders

    PeakFuel Hydration Drink Powders

    To hydrate properly we need more than just water, we need to replace the salts lost while perspiring. That is what the Hydration Formula has been designed to do, to hydrate and replace electrolytes in the best way possible. Low in sugars and with great flavour, you actually want to drink it!...

    Reg: $17.99

    Now: $14.39

  •   PeakFuel Performance Energy Gels

    PeakFuel Performance Energy Gels

    PeakFuel Gel has been formulated with a unique blend of minerals, sugars, and caffeine to help you reach new heights. With long chain sugars that provide you with long term energy to last over 40 minutes per serve (up to 2 hours per tube), short chain sugars for that initial burst, and caffeine to h...

    Reg: $4.49

    Now: $3.59

  •   PeakFuel Performance Cookies

    PeakFuel Performance Cookies

    So you want to increase your intensity? Then you need a balanced nutrition programme to get you there and some extra fuel for the body! This Cookie is jam packed with a delicious mix of fruit & oat, plus to keep you going we have a bunch of essential minerals such as Sodium and Potassium to help pus...

    Reg: $3.49

    Now: $2.79

  •   PeakFuel 700 mL Drink Bottle

    PeakFuel 700 mL Drink Bottle

    The Peak Fuel BPA free drink bottle is perfect for measuring your PeakFuel nutrition with water.

    Reg: $8.99

    Now: $7.19

  •   PeakFuel 700 mL Bottle With Bonus Gel & Shot Sachet

    PeakFuel 700 mL Bottle With Bonus Gel & Shot Sachet

    With this PeakFuel bottle not only do you get a 700 mL capacity, BPA free, hydration fluid carrier but as an added bonus you also get a flavoured PeakFuel SHOT 33 g Sachet and a flavoured PeakFuel 64g Energy Gel Tube.

    Reg: $12.99

    Now: $10.39

  •   Em's Power Bite Cookie Bars

    Em's Power Bite Cookie Bars

    Perfect for that quick bite on the go, these bites are just smaller versions of the full sized bars and cookies....

    Reg: $1.69

    Now: $1.35

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Information about Cycling Nutrition Best Practices

Cycling nutrition is a topic that is heavily debated and analysed by sports scientists around the globe. Consumption of additional carbohydrates while riding using energy drinks, gels, power bars and the like can be essential to ensuring that you are able to make the distance and perform optimally, especially on rides longer than 1 hour. The Australian Institute of Sport recommends consuming 30-60g of carbohydrates for every hour of cycling, but few people understand the reason for this amount. The average person can only process about 1 gram of carbohydrates per minute, no matter how much is consumed. Eating more than this can cause stomach problems as the intestines may become ‘overloaded’ with carbs.

A Basic Guide to Bike Riding Nutritional Requirements

Shorter Duration Bike rides


  • Cycling Duration: 1 hr or less.
  • Main concern: Hydration.
  • Drink: Just water or a low-carb, electrolyte hydration drink.
  • Eat: The average person will have enough stored energy for a 1 hour bike ride, but you can always carry a banana or other piece of fruit for if you start to fade...


Medium-Length Bike Rides


  • Cycling Duration: 2-3 hrs
  • Main concern: Carbohydrate replenishment
  • Drink: 2 bottles of low-carb, electrolyte hydration drinks
  • Eat: 30-60g of carb per hour from food.
  • Hot tip: Take little bites and small sips from the get-go rather than waiting until you are hungry.


Longer Duration Bike Rides


  • Cycling Duration: 3 hrs+
  • Main concern: Electrolyte and Carbohydrate replenishment.
  • Drink: At least 2 bottles low-carb, electrolyte hydration drinks.
  • Eat: 30 to 60g of carbs per hour, total. Try to eat the more solid foods earlier in the ride as digestion can become more difficult at the latter stages.
  • Hot tip: Supplements high in carbohydrates and low in protein and fats that are as natural as possible are recommended.


Potential Mistakes in Energy Consumption

Air temperature can play a big part in how much hydration is required and also how you take in energy. For example if you plan to get extra carbs from drinking energy drinks but it is colder than expected you may sweat less and spend more time than you wanted stopping in the bushes by the side of the road.

Varying Energy Sources

Over the course of longer rides it may be valuable to mix different foods as energy sources to both keep things interesting for your taste buds. Furthermore the stomach may tolerate one source of energy for a certain amount of time but may require some variation in order to function well. Some like to carry variety of energy drinks, power bars, raw seed and fruit bars and riding gel packs. This is probably a good way to go for those longer rides but really it is important to see what works specifically for you, because all of our bodies process food differently.