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Anaconda has the perfect kids bike range for your children, no matter what their age of interests! Explore our range, from electric scooters to mountain bikes.

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Can I purchase bikes at Anaconda?

Yes, Anaconda stock a huge range of bikes including road bikes, mountain bikes, urban bikes and bikes for kids. You can find anything here from a starter bike for toddlers to a top of the range performance mountain bike and everything in-between, so check out our range of bikes today!

What is the difference between the various types of bikes?

While bikes will vary between the different manufacturers, here is a rough guide to what you can expect to find in the different categories:

Mountain bikes are incredibly versatile all-terrain bikes. They feature higher volume tyres and suspension which allows them to gain better traction even on rough off-road trails.

Road bikes are designed to be ridden fast on smooth surfaces and can be used for on-road racing. They are usually lighter than other bicycles, and incapable of carrying heavy loads.

Comfort bikes have a very comfortable, upright riding position, and a large, comfortable seat. Sometimes they have the old-fashioned push-back brakes too.

Urban bikes don't really refer to a specific category of bikes - it's more of a general descriptive term. They do often include fold-up bikes. BMX Bikes are popular with kids because of their small size, and are used by adults and kids alike for various styles of trick and stunt riding.

Kids bikes are available in different sizes depending on age. Some bikes can be adjusted as your child grows. This range also includes an electric scooter.

What are the things to look out for in bikes?

Bikes should always be chosen to suit the rider and the type of riding you are planning to do. You would not expect to walk a marathon in high heels, so don't expect your small folding bike to get you to the top of a large hill. Think of your position - do you want to bend over the handlebars to go faster, or sit upright to enjoy the view? Gears are another issue. Flat roads won't require much in the way of gears, while going up and down hills requires much more adjustment. If you need to carry things while out with your bike, look for a model that supports a basket or can take bags behind the saddle. Lastly, think about where your bike will be stored. If you are short of space or need to go up several floors, a folding bike may be the right choice for you. It can also be put in the car more easily if needed.

If you are selecting a bike because you want to take up cycling competitively, you will have other decisions to make regarding wheel size, tyre width, shape of the saddle and more. Our staff will be pleased to give you advice if needed, either in-store or by email via the website.

What about bikes for kids?

At Anaconda, we have a range of bikes suitable for kids of different ages, right from toddler bikes with stabiliser wheels through to bikes suitable for young teens, with options for girls and boys too.

What if I get a puncture?

Don't be left standing, make sure you are prepared with everything in our Cycling spare parts & repairs range at Anaconda, which includes repair kits, inner tubes, tyres, pumps and more.



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