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Cycling with a load can be awkward to ride with if you don't have the right equipment. At Anaconda, our great range of panniers, bags, baskets and racks are excellent for ensuring a smooth ride when transporting various items on your bike.

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What's the best way to carry items while riding a bike?

To ensure you aren't wobbling side to side due to an uneven distribution of weight when cycling, here are some great ways to carry your items on your next ride:


As one of the most popular options when it comes to bike bags, a pannier bag can be placed on either side of your bike, typically at the rear. However, you'll also need to install a bike rack onto the frame to attach them. Pannier carriers suit most types of bicycles and are ideal for carrying heavier loads.

Saddle bag

Ideal for carrying smaller items such as wallets, keys and tools, saddle bags are clipped underneath the bike seat. For example, our JetBlack Jetrace MTB X Bag has heavy-duty buckles for a secure fit and is made with weather-resistant material. Saddles bags don't offer the best look, but they're perfect for storing small items during your ride.


For much heavier and bulkier loads, like riding home with the week's shopping or transporting a bunch of camping gear, bike trailers are ideal. Towing the load behind you means you won't have to worry about riding with an uneven weight and a minimal impact on the bike's handling. But, they're heavy, expensive, and prove a real challenge when going uphill.

Front basket

A classic bike basket is excellent for chucking a few things in, jumping on your bike and setting off. For example, our Bike Corp Front Wire Basket is great for carrying your lunch into the office or picking up a few things from the shops on the way home. Its convenient carry handle and strong wire mesh design makes it perfect for easily detaching and carrying with you.

What other bike essentials do I need to know about?

  • Baby seats: our range of baby seats and child carriers are designed to be securely attached to your bike and offer superior comfort and stability when riding.
  • Bike bottle cages: attach a bottle cage to your bicycle to ensure you stay hydrated and can easily grab and store your drink bottle on the go.
  • Bike computers: whether it's keeping track of time, distance travelled, your heart rate or your average riding speed, our range of bike computers will tell you everything you need to know.
  • Bike lights: ride safely at night with our fantastic range of front and rear bike lights, perfect for ensuring you can see at night - and that traffic can see you!
  • Bike locks: store your bike with confidence with our range of premium bike locks. From classic d-locks to heavy-duty bike locks, we have your security needs covered.
  • Bike saddles: there's nothing worse than riding on an uncomfortable seat. With our range of bike saddles, you'll always enjoy a supportive and comfortable ride.
  • Bike stands: whether hanging off of the wall or standing upright on the floor, our range of bike stands are strong, durable and perfect for storing your bicycle.

Find the Right Bike Panniers, Bags, Racks & Accessories at Anaconda

Our awesome range of bike bags, panniers, racks and bike accessories have all your bicycle needs covered. If you're in the process of choosing the right bike, check out our helpful buying guide to ensure you choose the best one for you. Our riding essentials buying guide also provides some awesome info on all the essentials you'll need.

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