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Can I purchase boardies from Anaconda?

Boardies, also known as board shots, wear initially designed for surfing. However, they have become increasingly popular for a variety of water sports or just for chilling at the beach. They have become synonymous with beachwear across Australia, and ideal for pairing with one of our rashies for extra safety. At Anaconda, we have boardies for men, women and children, with a range of colours and styles available. Get kitted out for summer and be the coolest kid at the beach, with our top range of board shorts.

How do I purchase boardies from Anaconda?

To purchase our range of boardies from Anaconda, browse through our products above and follow the instructions right through to check out. We accept all major payment methods, including Visa, MasterCard and PayPal, and we will deliver right to your door. Alternatively, if you prefer, call into one of our nationwide stores, where our team of assistants will be happy to provide help and support with whatever you need. With great value deals and savings across the collection, shop board shorts at Anaconda today.

What is included in this range?

This range includes a variety of boardies, with several styles and designs available. Whether you are looking for classic shorts or more of a capris, then we are sure to have the boardies for you amongst this collection. From performance driven board shorts to colourful designs that will match any swimwear, these awesome shorts are no longer just for surging. Made from durable fabrics to ensure that they will last for longer, our boardies are performance driven and made using innovative design methods. Take the plunge and shop boardies at Anaconda today.

What are the benefits of wearing boardies?

Boardies are the perfect option if you are at the beach, and they will help to protect you, provide extra coverage, and come in a range of funky designs. If you are a surfer, then board shorts are an essential part of your kit. They will help to stop the wax you use on your board from irritating your hair and skin on your legs. Choose shorts with stretch to allow for unrestricted movement and performance on the waves. These beach classics also provide extra protection from the sun's damaging UC rays, while making sure that you are still able to move as you wish. Board shorts are a necessity in your wardrobe so shop now and be prepared for those summer days on the beach.

How should I wash my boardies?

To keep your boardies in the best possible condition, it is vital that they are washed properly. We would like to remind you always to check the individual manufacturer's care instructions prior to washing your garment. After each use, rinse out your shorts properly in cold water, to remove salt or any other debris from the sea. If you board shorts are reported as being machine wash safe, then only wash them on a cool setting. Use only mild detergents and do not use any fabric conditioner. Turn your shorts inside out when you are drying them, to prevent colours from fading.



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