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Yoga Lounge Clothing

Yoga Lounge Clothing

Immerse yourself in the more than a two-thousand-year old tradition of yoga and improve your physical and mental wellbeing, without having to worry about what you will be wearing with these beautifully designed clothes from Mirr Kara available at Anaconda.

Allowing you to bend, flex and stretch, yoga clothing is soft, flexible and quick drying. Yoga clothing helps to keep away moisture from your skin when needed, making you feel more comfortable. Available in a range of sizes and several stylish colours, it is also ideal for leisurely lounging.

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Can I buy yoga and lounge clothing at Anaconda?

Yes, you can. Here at Anaconda, we have a range of clothes that have been purposely designed to keep you relaxed and flexible when doing yoga or just for lounging around the house. These clothes have been designed with your ultimate comfort in mind, so shop now for stunning high-quality clothes at Anaconda’s fabulously low prices.

How do I buy yoga and lounge clothing from Anaconda?

Make the most of your yoga session and shop our fabulous range of serene and comfortable clothing online or in store today. We accept all major payment methods including Visa, MasterCard and PayPal and will deliver to your door in just 2-5 working days. See here for more information regarding delivery times and costs. Alternatively, call into one of our nationwide stores where our team of assistants will be happy to help.

What is included in this range?

In our selection of yoga and lounge clothing here at Anaconda, we have a range of garments available that are ideal for doing yoga, including tees, tanks, pants and tights. Our yoga clothes can also be worn every day so that you can look and feel great whatever you are doing.

What are the benefits of doing yoga?

Yoga is scientifically proven to have a whole host of physical and psychological benefits, including increased flexibility and significant improvements in muscle and core strength. Whilst improving posture and removing the body, yoga also has a wealth of benefits for the mind. Living with a greater awareness of the importance of breath and peace is the key to a calmer, more serene you. So sign up for a class in your local area today, and ensure that you are dressed for success with our range of fabulous yoga and lounge clothing.

What do I need to think about when choosing clothes for yoga?

When choosing clothes for yoga, comfort is the top priority, and you should opt for materials that have the significant stretchability but are not too loose. Yoga is all about correct breathing techniques, and your skin should be able to breathe too. Choose a moisture wicking fabric that will help to keep your core temperature down and your body in balance. Also, consider the type of yoga that you are doing, some practices may involve getting sweaty, and so, again, a breathable moisture wicking material may be more suitable, or perhaps you would prefer to stay organic and opt for those 100% cotton fabrics for slow-moving practices. Sometimes when you are doing yoga, it can take a little bit longer to warm the body up, so it is recommended that you wear light layers that you can easily remove. Finally, be aware of any zippers or other hardware that be uncomfortable during certain poses.

What size should I buy?

All of our sizes are in line with Australian and New Zealand standards, but for more specific measurements, check out the sizing guide that is available by each product. If you are a beginner, it is wise to avoid clothes that are too loosely fitted, at least during classes, as clothes that are a bit snug, as this will ensure that your instructor can monitor your movements properly. Baggy clothing can also increase your risk of slipping or the material getting stuck and hindering your performance.

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