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Immerse yourself in the more than a two-thousand-year old tradition of yoga and improve your physical and mental wellbeing, without having to worry about what you will be wearing with these beautifully designed clothes from Mirr Kara available at Anaconda. Allowing you to bend, flex and stretch, yoga clothing is soft, flexible and quick drying. Yoga clothing helps to keep away moisture from your skin when needed, making you feel more comfortable. Available in a range of sizes and several stylish colours, it is also ideal for leisurely lounging

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How To Choose Comfortable Yoga Clothes?

When you head out for your first yoga class, or simply do some yoga in the comforts of your home, having some comfortable yoga clothes is certain an essential. Today, we provide our customers with a useful guide on how to choose the best yoga clothes. So, if you want to end up with the best yoga attire, be sure to read on.

What Kind Of Top Is Best For Yoga?

There are various tops that are being sold for yoga and some are more appropriate for the exercise than others. When you choose a yoga top, it is usually recommended to choose one that covers everything. During a yoga class, you will be moving in unusual positions. Therefore, it is important to choose a top that covers it all and that does not have to be readjusted during the various poses.

One of the favourite top types for yoga is the so-called tank top. Of course, there is a difference between the stretchy tank top and the loose tank tops. Do not choose a tank top that is too loose, which does tend to come out of place. If you want to stay comfortable and covered, look for a good-fitting tank top made from stretchy material.

Do I Need A Bra For Yoga?

Even though you are not running or jumping in place, you still require a good bra for yoga. Of course, the bra you choose must be comfortable, especially considering the different poses you can encounter during yoga.

A good sports bra is usually the best option for yoga. Not only does it not contain the annoying underwire that can restrict your movement somewhat during yoga, it provides the best kind of support during exercise.

Please note that some yoga tops include a sport bra, this means the bra has been incorporated into the design of the yoga top. While this could be a consideration, you must always try this top before purchasing. As your breasts require the right kind of support, you must make sure everything fits correctly.

Can I Wear A Sweater During Yoga?

When doing outdoor yoga, you may encounter some colder temperatures. So, it is not uncommon to wear a flexible hoodie during your outdoor workout. Ideally, you want to obtain a zip-up hoodie, which is easily removed when you get too warm.

What Kind Of Pants Is Best For Yoga?

There are different types of pants that are suitable for yoga practice, this includes classic yoga pants or a pair of comfortable shorts. So, before you start worrying about the details of your yoga pants, you have to decide which type of pants you prefer.

If you decide to work out in a pair of yoga shorts, you certainly need to take the fit into consideration. Shorts that are too loose could show more than you want too. So, a good fit is essential when it comes to shorts. Of course, the material your shorts are made of is important too, as this determines benefits such as breathability, comfort, and sweat-resistance.

If you cannot decide between regular yoga pants and a pair of shorts, you can take the middle route as well, more specifically a pair of capri pants. Just like the shorts, the pants should fit snug around your legs.

Of course, you can also choose longer yoga pants, which should also fit tightly around the legs. Please note, that you can still wear longer pants if you regular experience pain in the groin area during yoga. Simply choose a pair of pants that includes a gusset in the crotch area, this will provide some added support.

Buying Yoga Clothes From Anaconda

As our guide already explained, it is extremely important to get the correct fit for your yoga clothes. If you are purchasing yoga clothes from Anaconda, always check out the product description of each product and use our size guide to acquire the right fit.

Anaconda provides a range of sports clothing, this includes clothing for indoor and outdoor use. So, whether you prefer doing yoga indoors or outdoors, we will always have appropriate attire for you. Check out the catalogue today to view some suitable options.



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