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Running Clothing

Running Clothing

Run that extra mile in style with our new running clothes from Anaconda! Improve your distance, time, or both while wearing the running clothes that may provide you with extra protection!

Shorts, pants, tights, tops, tees, and tanks are all included in our range, together with accessories such as gloves, visors, socks, hats and more. With everyday basics as well as many top sports brands, you will find the right running clothes for men, women and kids at Anaconda.

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Can I buy running clothing at Anaconda?

Yes, you can. At Anaconda, we have a great range of running clothes that have been purposely designed using innovative design methods and high-quality materials. To take your run to the next level, check out our wide selection of running clothes from world-leading brands and available now at great value prices.

What running clothes should I buy?

Well, that depends on personal preference really, as well as the weather and trail conditions that you plan to be running in. For summer runs, think shorts and a tee and a decent pair of running shoes. When dressing to go out for a run in the winter, pants or tights and a tee with a soft shell jacket should suffice. However, remember you are likely to warm up once you get moving, so dress down or wear layers that can easily be removed. The clothing choices that you make can determine your performance when out on a run, so have a look at our guide below for what is included in this range,

What is included in your range of running clothes at Anaconda?

Proper running clothes can ensure that you maintain peak performance, but the items that you need depend on where you are likely to run. This range includes:

Shorts: Shorts are ideal wear for a jog in warmer climates and paired with a tee, and a decent pair of running shoes are all you need for a quick run in the summer.

Tees and tanks: Check out our selection of tees and tanks that have been purposely designed for running and exercise. Featuring fabulous tee-shirts made from high-quality materials from the biggest brands, and our tees and tanks are available now at Anaconda’s bargain prices.

Tights and pants: Shop our collection of tights and pants when the weather turns bad. Not only are tights perfect for cooler weather, but they can also provide extra protection for your legs, preventing those pesky mosquitoes from getting too close or injuries caused by prickly bushes.

Compression Wear: Compression wear improves circulation when you are doing physical activity, helping to improve muscle repair and reduce the impact of muscle oscillation.

Running Accessories: This range also includes our selection of armbands that are designed to securely hold your phone when you are out on the run. Alongside, our range of sweat and water resistant pockets that will protect your cherished belongings.

What is moisture- wicking?

Unlike cotton which gets wet an stays wet, a material that has moisture wicking properties will ‘wick’ sweat and moisture away from your skin, helping to regulate your core temperature. This is particularly important when doing any high output cardio activity, such as running and is often a feature of clothes designed for the sport.

What are compression tights and why should I wear them?

Compression tights are able to assist in blood circulation, resulting in your muscles repairing quicker. They work by targeting the key areas and muscle groups that are under strain when you are running. They can also help to prevent cramps by decreasing the build-up of lactic acid. Lastly, they reduce muscle vibration when you are running, helping your legs to feel fresher quicker.

How should I care for my running clothes?

The moisture-wicking material that is regularly used for running clothes requires a little bit more maintenance than everyday wear, and you should pay extra care to look after your running clothes. Follow our tips below for keeping your new running gear at peak condition:

  • Hang the clothes up after your run instead of tossing them straight into the laundry basket
  • Wash technical items in a cool wash only
  • Avoid fabric softener
  • Wash at a cool temperature only

As always, check the individual care label on your garment before washing.

Is there anything else I need to remember?

Always, remember if you are running early in the morning or late at night, you need to wear something with is reflective or illuminating, such as a wristband or reflective vest, to ensure that cars can see you in the dark. Also, do not forget to protect your extremities, wear a lightweight, breathable pair of gloves during cold-weather runs.

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