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What Should I Wear For Snowboarding?

Snowboarding is a favourite pastime for many winter sport lovers. Only the brave will tackle those cold temperatures, but that does not mean you should not be adequately prepared. Wearing the right attire for your snowboarding trip is certainly advised. But what should you be wearing for snowboarding? Let us find out with the help of Anaconda!

Should I Be Wearing A Helmet?

When you look at the slopes, you will often see people without a helmet. However, snowboarding is certainly a sport that requires added head protection. Falling on snow might sound soft, but the combination of snow and ice can cause serious head injuries. Therefore, a helmet will be the first thing you look at.

A helmet should also be complemented by the right pair of goggles. Goggles provide eye protection against the cold wind, but they can also provide more visibility. If you have snowboarded in the past, you already know that the large quantities of snow can be blinding without proper eye protection. So, having a good pair of goggles to wear over your helmet is definitely a must.

How Many Layers Of Clothing Should I Wear For Snowboarding?

The amount of clothing layers does come down to personal preferences. Some snowboarders prefer a large number of layers, this may cushion a fall or keep them warm in extremely cold temperatures. However, other snowboarders prefer less layers to maximise their manoeuvrability.

Of course, there are some essentials you need before you head out. One of the essentials is a waterproof jacket, as falling on the snow can cause your clothing underneath to become wet or moist. In colder temperatures, it is advised to stay as dry as possible. So, always look for a jacket that provides ample protection against snow, water, and ice.

The jacket you wear does not necessarily have to be a thick jacket. The waterproof feature is the most important one. So, if you have a light jacket with waterproof features, you can combine it with layers such as a fleece sweater and a base layer to ensure you stay warm.

Which Gloves Are Best For Snowboarding?

Another essential piece of your kit will be a set of gloves. Naturally, gloves come in different shapes and sizes these days, so it can be difficult to determine which ones will be best for your snowboarding experience.

When you select your gloves, always consider how much fine motor skills you will require while snowboarding. For example, some people have no problems snowboarding with regular gloves, while others require fingered gloves to ensure better handling of equipment and even manoeuvrability on the slopes.

Should I Layer Pants For Snowboarding?

Layering pants is a little trickier than layering jackets and sweaters, so it is important to buy an appropriate pair of pants that will provide the necessary warmth and protect you against water and moisture.

To ensure you stay dry after falling on the snow, it is vital that your pants have a waterproof feature, this ensures that you stay dry even after falling. Of course, the material must also be able to maintain your body temperature. So, warmth is another feature you should be looking for.

If you feel you cannot keep warm despite wearing quality snowboarding pants, you can attempt to layer. A pair of tight leggings can provide some relief, but the good old-fashioned thermal underwear seems to be most effective. Even though they do not look as flattering as the pants you wear over them, they do keep everything nice and warm.

Which Socks Are Recommended For Snowboarding?

Snowboarding boots can be rather tight, so your choice of socks should be considered carefully. Some snowboarders will layer thin socks, only to find that their feet are still cold. Therefore, the best way to keep your feet warm is with a single pair of thick snowboarding socks.

In addition to the right socks, consider a pair of snowboarding boots with an inner lining that can be removed and replaced. With such a pair of boots, you can add a warmer or a thinner inner lining, depending on your requirements and your preferences. While it does take a little experimentation, your comfort is certainly worth it.



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