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Snow Pants

Snow Pants

Organising your next skiing trip and want to stay warm? Now you are are able to with these stylish and protective snow pants from Anaconda! With a range that includes snow pants for infants and kids, as well as options for both men and women, you will find the perfect snow pants right here.

Specifically designed to keep you safe from snow and ice, while not restricting your movements, you will be able to ski, snowboard or enjoy any other winter sports thanks to our range of snow pants, all available for affordable prices at Anaconda. Choose from top brand names including XTM, The North Face and more!

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How to Buy the Best Snow Pants for Your Ski Trip?

At Anaconda, customers can find a lovely range of snow pants. Of course, with many types of snow pants to choose from, customers can find themselves wondering which is best for their needs. To choose the best snow pants for your needs, be sure to read through our useful guide below.

What Are the Different Types of Snow Pants?

Since snow pants can come in various materials, you can divide snow pants into various subtypes. Below, you will find some of the most common subtypes of snow pants.

Hard-Shell Snow Pants

Most shell snow pants are made from synthetic fibres such as nylon or polyester. They often provide the wearer with additional benefits such as waterproof, windproof, and breathability advantages, making them extremely suitable for rainier and windier environments.

Even though shell snow pants provide ample protection against wind and rain, they are less powerful than insulated snow pants where heat retention is concerned. So, if you intend on facing some extremely cold temperatures, insulated snow pants may be better.

Insulated Snow Pants

Insulated snow pants provide protection against rain, but also against extreme cold temperatures thanks to the material used for the inner lining of the pants. Insulated snow pants may include an inner lining made from fleece, down, and even synthetics.

When you go skiing and will spend a lot of time in extremely cold temperatures, an insulated snow pants will be recommended. However, you might want to consider another option for spring skiing, since these pants are too warm and heavy for skiing during this time of year.

Soft-Shell Snow Pants

Soft-shell snow pants can also be used for skiing. Most of soft-shell snow pants are made from soft woven fabric, which provides great freedom of movement. Therefore, they are great for skiers who often feel restricted with any other snow pants on the slopes.

There are some downsides to soft-shell snow pants though. Opposed to hard-shell snow pants, soft-shell snow pants are not as water-resistant. Even though they have waterproof qualities, they usually do not offer the same degree of water resistance compared to hard-shell snow pants.

How Should My Snow Pants Fit?

Snow pants should be fitting perfectly; this means that it should not be too tight or too loose. Your snow pants must allow you to move freely, but still fit well enough, so it cannot fall off when you are on the slopes.

Before you buy snow pants, be sure to consider any additional layers of clothing you want to be wearing underneath. For example, if you prefer to wear a pair of leggings underneath your snow pants, you might need a size that is slightly bigger.

How Do I Keep My Snow Pants Waterproof?

Not everyone is aware of this fact, but most waterproof pants will have water repellent coating. The coating prevents water from coming through the fabric, ensuring your body stays dry.

For some snow pants that lack in the water-resistance department, you can obtain a bottle of water repellent spray; this to keep your pants waterproof longer. Of course, some snow pants do not require such spray of special maintenance. So, before you buy snow pants, be sure to ask a sales representative about the proper maintenance of your pants.

What Extra Features Can I Encounter with Snow Pants?

Like most thermal wear, you can find some special features with snow pants. Below, we have listed some common features you can find with snow pants, which could contribute to the durability and the functionality of your snow pants.

Snow Gaiters

Snow gaiters are incorporated in the design of many ski pants. They are situated on the bottom of the leg and prevent snow from entering the pants around the ankle area.

Leg Vents

Leg vents are incorporated in snow pants to provide additional breathability. However, they are less common with options such as insulated snow pants.

Additional Ankle Opening

When you have a pair of bulky snow boots, it can be a little difficult to remove them. Snow pants is designed to keep snow and rain out, which means the area around the ankles will be quite closed. Fortunately, you can find a lot of snow pants with additional ankle openings, which can be released when the wearer wants to remove his or her snow boots.

Can I Obtain Snow Pants from Anaconda?

Anaconda is Australia’s leading supplier or outdoor wear, so customers can certainly find a lovely selection of snow pants. Our snow pants are made from various materials, so you can undoubtedly find a pair that matches your requirements.

Do you have any questions about snow pants? Or need some help from our sales representatives finding the best snow pants for your next skiing trip? Get in touch with our team today! We will be happy to assist.

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