Mens Pants & Shorts

Mens Pants & Shorts

Looking for men's pants or shorts for leisure time, sport or other outdoor activities? Then look no further than Anaconda's extensive range of men's pants and shorts. Suitable for everything including running, cycling, skiing, water sports, athletics and more, the range of shorts, pants and tights at Anaconda has you covered!

In sizes from small to 3XXX, find the right pants and shorts for every activity here at Anaconda. Brands such as Puma, Adidas and Cederberg are represented as well as many great value everyday items, so make sure you check out the great range of menswear at Anaconda today.

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  • NosiLife Men's Cargo Shorts

    NosiLife Men's Cargo Shorts

    Optimise your sun and insect protection, even when you need to turn the heat down, with NosiLife Cargo Shorts. Our latest permanently insect-repellent travel shorts will perform in the hottest climates with minimum maintenance - just wash, shake, hang-dry and you're good to go....

    Reg: $89.99

  • Puma Men's PR Pure NightCat Shorts

    Puma Men's PR Pure NightCat Shorts

    Ideal for running at night, the Puma Pure Nightcat features highly reflective materials, which are designed to enhance other's awareness of you in dim light situations, and keep your body visible while you train or play....

    Reg: $30.00

  • Champion Men's Speed Shorts

    Champion Men's Speed Shorts

    Allow yourself to be at your best during even the toughest work out. Champion's Speed Shorts are made of innovative performance fabric that wick away moisture and dry faster....

    Reg: $39.99

  • Puma Men's Jasper Shorts

    Puma Men's Jasper Shorts

    Featuring a 100% microfibre poplin puma cat pigment print and elasticated waistband with inner draw-cords, the Puma Men's Jasper Shorts will keep you dry, cool and safe. They will make you feel super comfy and so if all of a sudden you feel like going for a run every day - you know the reason why!...

    Reg: $30.00 - $34.99

  • adidas Men's Corporate Fleece Pants

    adidas Men's Corporate Fleece Pants

    adidas Men's Corporate Fleece Pants....

    Reg: $30.00 - $49.99

  • The North Face Men's Paramount Peak II Convertible Pants

    The North Face Men's Paramount Peak II Convertible Pants

    Our best-selling convertible pant updated with larger pocket space and improved durability for prolonged use. Pant legs unzip at knees, morphing into shorts, creating the ultimate transitional hiking pant/short combination. Elastic waistband at back with webbed belt included. Made with midweight nyl...

    Reg: $129.99

  • Vigilante Men's Jaystar II Zip Off Pants

    Vigilante Men's Jaystar II Zip Off Pants

    With an adjustable elastic waist and loads of stash pockets, the JAYSTAR II zip off pant will have you hiking through a frost at dawn then zipping off to shorts for the midday sun. Moisture wicking and 'dries in a flash' fabric makes this pant the must have on your next trek....

    Reg: $119.99

  • NosiLife Men's Cargo Pants

    NosiLife Men's Cargo Pants

    Outstanding outdoor and travel cargo trousers, perfect for any environment or condition. Protection is provided with insect repellency and UPF40+ solar shield technology. Extremely lightweight and fast-drying, these pants are unbelievably comfortable in hot or humid environments. Other features incl...

    Reg: $119.99 - $129.99

  • Helly Hansen Men's Bermuda Shorts

    Helly Hansen Men's Bermuda Shorts

    Classic Helly Hansen Bermuda shorts for men, available in bright colours. Dyed for a true summer look and feel....

    Reg: $50.00

  • Gondwana Men's Blinman Pants

    Gondwana Men's Blinman Pants

    A Gondwana classic that gives flexibility and freedom to your level of comfort on the go. These ACR Plus recycled pants are easily converted to shorts....

    Reg: $89.99

  • Craghoppers Men's Cooper Pants

    Craghoppers Men's Cooper Pants

    Classic chinos with a technical twist. These casual cotton twill trousers deliver effective sun protection - thanks to the SolarShield zinc oxide finish - and incorporate knee darts for greater freedom of movement . An inspired combination of classic styling and contemporary performance and comfort....

    Reg: $60.00

  • Cederberg Men's Tech Walk Shorts

    Cederberg Men's Tech Walk Shorts

    Australian designed, Cederberg uses the best fabrics with high technical elements. Designed for mountain terrain, adventure and travel....

    Reg: $30.00 - $59.99

  • Cederberg Adult's Baba Merino Thermal Pants

    Cederberg Adult's Baba Merino Thermal Pants

    Why choose Merino? Merino is a hydroscopic fibre. This means it is capable of absorbing moisture vapour from the environment while at the same time repelling liquids. Merino garments provide their own microclimate around the body, acting as protection against changing conditions and maintaining high...

    Reg: $99.99

  • Vigilante Men's Welton Short Sleeved Shirt

    Vigilante Men's Welton Short Sleeved Shirt

    Built for any adventure from bush to BBQ, the mesh venting throughout this shirt will have you keeping your cool. Front zipper pockets keep things handy but best of all the natural touch of the quick-dry nylon delivers style and performance in one....

    Reg: $50.00

  • Gondwana Men's Birchip Shorts

    Gondwana Men's Birchip Shorts

    Perfect for any adventure, they're styled for everyday comfort and practicality. With seven multi purpose pockets you won't be left wondering where to stash your keys, map or cash....

    Reg: $59.99

  • Gondwana Men's Matakana Shorts

    Gondwana Men's Matakana Shorts

    Detailed with plenty of pockets, including rear magnetic snap pockets and zippered cargo pockets at the side, the ACR Plus Recycled fabric really seals the deal with day-to-night wearability....

    Reg: $40.00 - $59.99

  • Bellwether Men's Axiom Knicks

    Bellwether Men's Axiom Knicks

    Whether you're cruisin' the neighbourhood, spinning around the track, or racing for the finish line, bike shorts just make riding more comfortable. A good quality knick plays an important role in a cyclist's life. They're strong and long-wearing, with high stretch Spandex for maximum performance. Co...

    Reg: $60.00

    CLUB: $40.00

  • Bellwether Men's Criterium Cycling Knicks

    Bellwether Men's Criterium Cycling Knicks

    Whether you're cruisin' the neighbourhood, spinning around the track, or racing for the finish line, bike shorts just make riding more comfortable. The Criterium Short offers an outstanding value for everyday performance....

    Reg: $45.00

    CLUB: $40.00

  •   Bellwether Men's Implant Cycling Shorts

    Bellwether Men's Implant Cycling Shorts

    Durable and abrasion resistant chassis is engineered to excel in varied trail and weather conditions....

    Reg: $80.00 - $159.99

    CLUB: $40.00

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  •   Fluid Men's Flow Cycling Shorts

    Fluid Men's Flow Cycling Shorts

    These Fluid Flow Shorts are a great way to stay comfortable on the bike without looking too serious. They have an outdoor style outer with a selection of pockets, stretch panels for a better fit on the bike and offer more freedom of movement when riding. Hidden inside is whole inner liner short....

    Reg: $59.99

    CLUB: $47.99

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Can I purchase mens pants and shorts at Anaconda?

Yes, as part of our huge range of menswear, we stock a variety of mens pants and shorts that are suitable for leisure wear, sports activities such as cycling, swimming, running and more, and even shorts specifically designed to be used as workwear. With cargo pants, convertible pants, snow and ski pants and a range of shorts to choose from, you can find the right type of pants and shorts here at Anaconda for all times of year and for all types of conditions.

Do you stock shorts suitable for swimming, surfing and other water sports?

Yes, here at Anaconda you will find different types of leisure shorts, swim shorts and board shorts or boardies, for all your water based activities including boating, kayaking, swimming, fishing and more. Choose from different designs and manufacturers and don’t forget to look at the many tops and rashies that can complement your outfit.

What about performance clothing?

Yes, compression pants and shorts are also included in our range. Mostly worn under other items of clothing, they can be beneficial for blood flow, for the protection of your muscles as well as for increasing your performance and stamina while training or exercising. Designed to offer a close fit to the body for best results, you can choose from a range of different compression pants and shorts to suit your sport or activity.

Do you offer convertible pants?

Yes, these pants are extremely popular as they offer the option of removing the lower part of the leg, essentially converting them into (long) shorts. Some of these pants have zip fastenings, while others work with Velcro closures, and many have a number of useful pockets too. Many walkers and hikers like these pants as they can take advantage of sudden changes in the weather, or add and remove the bottom parts of the pants as conditions dictate, for instance when crossing water or having to tackle some undergrowth.

What about pants for colder climates?

Yes, again you will have many options here at Anaconda. Check out our range of thermal pants, which are ideal for layering under other types of pants for extra protection in colder climates, or make sure you are warm and dry on the slopes with our range of snow pants, which are available in many different styles and colours.

Can I find workwear pants and shorts at Anaconda too?

Yes, take a look at our hard-wearing cotton twill workwear pants and shorts, which come complete with a range of useful pockets as well as protective kneepads on the pants. These can be used for a number of different types of work or when doing DIY around the house, as they have handy pockets for a range of tools, equipment or parts.