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Whether your youngsters are mad about sport or need a little encouragement to get active, getting them the right sports gear for their activity is important and will help them to enjoy their activities to the fullest. With shorts, tees, tops and tights, this range of sportswear from Anaconda has something for everyone. Choose from everyday items to top brand names for kids of all ages and even specialist gear to help improve performance and recovery for seriously committed young athletes, as well as safety items such as mouth guards

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The Best Fabrics For Kids Sportswear Revealed

Certain fabrics are more suitable for sports activities than others. Anaconda only selects the finest activewear made from the best fabrics. To help you understand the importance of fabrics in sports attire you choose for your children, we have created an overview of popular materials and their properties.

Why Is Bamboo Used In Sportswear?

Bamboo might not be the first material you think about when you shop for sportswear for your little ones, it is quite the beneficial material where properties are concerned.

One of the major benefits of bamboo is that its low weight. Bamboo fabrics feel light on the skin, this makes it beneficial for sports such as running and athletics in general. In addition to being light, bamboo also has a water repellent property, so it does not hold onto sweat. On top of that, it also helps to regulate body temperature during sports activities. What is not to like about bamboo sportswear?

Why Is Cotton Used In Sportwear?

Cotton fabric is used in lots of clothing, so it is no surprise you will find cotton in sportswear regularly. Cotton has quite the specific benefit for sports attire though, as cotton is more resistant to bad smells caused by sweating.

Even though other materials are more than suitable for sportswear, cotton is king when it comes to reducing those post-workout smells. Cotton is also quite comfortable and breathable, ensuring it does not hold onto any bad smells or sweat.

Why Is Nylon Used In Sportswear?

A material that is often sadly overlooked in the world of sports attire is nylon. Contrary to bamboo and cotton, nylon is a manmade material, this means it may contain some manmade benefits.

Despite the fact that this material is often overlooked, nylon has plenty of benefits when used in sport attire. In fact, nylon feels quite soft and provides good breathability during exercise. It also has moisture-wicking abilities, which means it can evacuate sweat during workouts.

Why Is Polyester Used In Sportswear?

Nylon is not the sole manmade material used in sportswear. In fact, polyester is another manmade material and is counted among the most popular fabric types for sportwear.

One of the main benefits associated with polyester is durability, and since children tend to go through their clothes quickly, a material such as polyester can certainly increase the lifespan of sports clothing.

In addition to being durable, polyester also blocks UV-rays, this is why polyester is always a consideration for outdoor sports and activities. In addition to that, the material has an insulating quality when it becomes wet, which means your child will be kept dry when wearing this sports attire in the rain. Even though the material is not completely water-resistant, it does provide ample protection in light rain and humid environments.

Why Is Polypropylene Used In Sportswear?

Polypropylene is quite similar to polyester, as both fabrics are made from plastic. Despite their similar origins, polypropylene does have some qualities polyester does not have.

One of the remarkable features of polypropylene is its water-resistance. Compared to other fabrics used in sports attire, polypropylene provides total protection, this means it can be worn in heavy rain. Because of these properties, polypropylene is often used in base layer sport clothing.

Why Is Spandex Used In Sportswear?

Spandex is quite known for its elasticity, so it proves quite useful for sports where flexibility is required, this may include gymnastics or yoga. It is also a big recommendation for kids, because the stretch ensures children can wear their sports attire a little longer despite growth spurts.

Most spandex sportswear comes with additional features, although these may vary depending on the specific blend used during the production process. However, common properties you may encounter with spandex include quick drying, anti-chafing, and water repelling qualities.

Sportswear For Kids At Anaconda

Anaconda provides an amazing collection of sportswear for kids, this ranges from tees and hoodies to pants and tights. No matter which sport your little one is involved in, Anaconda always has the best sports clothing for the most attractive price. If you want to view some of our latest deals on sports clothing, be sure to head over to the kids sportswear catalogue for more information.



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