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  • 37 Degrees South Kid's Pagi Legionnaire Hat

    37 Degrees South Kid's Pagi Legionnaire Hat

    The Aussie sun is strong, so sun protection clothing is essential for those long summer days in the water and at the beach. 37 Degrees South is an Australian designed range of rash vests, board shorts and swim bottoms made to help you stay sun safe. The Pagi Legionnaire Hat is made from the same UPF...

    Reg: $14.99

  •   Chute Kid's Blazin Socks

    Chute Kid's Blazin Socks

    Ski socks to keep your feet warm in the snow!...

    Reg: $17.99 - $19.99

    CLUB: $13.49 - $14.99

  •   Denali Kid's Hike II Socks

    Denali Kid's Hike II Socks

    These Kids Merino Hike socks are naturally moisture wicking and contains anti-microbial properties which prevent foot odour. Great insulating means these are ideal for cold weather and most activities. Suitable for multi-wear use....

    Reg: $19.99

    CLUB: $14.99

  •   Denali Kid's Merino Liner Socks

    Denali Kid's Merino Liner Socks

    These Kids Merino liner socks are naturally moisture wicking and contains anti-microbial properties which prevent foot odour. Great insulating means these are ideal for cold weather and most activities. Suitable for multi-wear use....

    Reg: $14.99

    CLUB: $11.24

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Can I purchase kids clothing accessories at Anaconda?

Yes, you can! Check out our range of kids clothing accessories to find socks, hats, caps, neck and headbands, ear protectors, gloves and mittens for boys and girls of all ages. Colourful or with fun designs, and in a range of sizes, these items will protect your kids from sun, rain, wind and cold as required.

What types of kids hats are included in the range?

We stock hats for kids for all types of weather. For winter, choose from a wide selection of knitted hats and beanies, as well as trendy Peru hats and fleece hats, for kids of all ages from toddlers to teens. If your kids don’t like wearing hats, why not try them with some of our protective ear muffs, or our stylish fleece headbands, which will help protect their ears against the cold.

If you are looking for protection from the sun for your kids, we offer baseball caps, bucket hats, straw and swim hats, and Legionnaires hats. Legionnaires hats are the caps that have an extra piece of material at the back of the head, to provide protection from the sun off the back of the neck, ideal if your kids spend many hours intent on building sand castles or splashing about in the shallows.

What about gloves and mittens?

Yes, these are also very popular items in the kids clothing accessories range. You have a choice of simple woollen and fleece gloves and mittens, which are ideal against the cold, as well as gloves that offer more protection against snow and ice with extra insulation, snug cuffs at the wrist and even adjustable wrist straps, to stop gloves from coming off during activities.

Does Anaconda stock socks for kids?

Yes, we have everyday socks for school and leisure time, but we also stock socks for kids to wear during sports activities, with everything from cotton socks for summer and indoor wear, to long ski socks to keep them warm in cold climates. Seamless socks are also on offer, and are popular for long walks or hikes as the lack of seams means that there is less chance of getting sore patches or blisters on their feet.

What else is on offer for kids at Anaconda?

Don’t forget to check out our whole kids clothing range for a wide range of leisure and active wear, sportswear, swim and surfwear, and ski apparel for kids of all ages. Also available are many types of kids footwear, and many sports kits, inflatables, bikes and more for active kids. Check out our great range of products for kids and adults online or find your nearest store with our handy store finder.

Can I purchase kids clothing at Anaconda?

Yes, Anaconda stocks a large range of clothing for kids of all ages, including swim and surfwear, sportswear, activewear, leisurewear, jackets and outerwear and ski and snow apparel as well as footwear and a large range of clothing accessories including socks, gloves, mittens, scarves and hats. Our kids clothing includes great value basics as well as leading brand names and is available in a range of colours and sizes to suit boys and girls of all ages.

What type of kid’s jackets are included in the range?

Here you will find just about every type of kid’s jacket that you can imagine, from fleece vests and hoodies ideal for summertime, through sensible wind- and rainproof jackets that can be used when going to and from school, right up to insulated, down-filled jackets that will withstand snow and ice on the slopes. In sizes 2 – 16, there are jackets in all colours and with different features such as zip fastenings, hoods, reflective properties and more.

What can I find in the swim and surfwear section?

As well as an extensive range of swimsuits, shorts and bottoms, we also carry a selection of rash vests (both short sleeved and long sleeved), board shorts and even wetsuits. As well as these items that are included in the kids swim and surfwear clothing range, you will find accessories including goggles and sun hats here. In our separate footwear range, we also stock aqua and dive shoes, fins and more, and you can complete your kids swim and surf experience with our large range of snorkels and inflatables.

What types of kid’s snow apparel can I expect to find?

We have everything it takes to keep your kids covered from top to toe in cold weather conditions, right from their trendy beanie hat to their cosy, thermal clad feet! Included in the range are thermal base layers, ideal as a starting point of any layered outfit, to make sure their core temperature is maintained no matter what the conditions outside, as well as fleece tops, insulated jackets and pants and complete snowsuits. Colourful accessories including head and neck bands, ear defenders, scarves, gloves and mittens complete the range, and we also stock goggles to protect their eyes from the glare of snow and sun.

What else is included in the kids clothing range?

If your kids are seriously into sports, they will love our large range of compression gear that can help to improve their performance, protect their muscles and speed up recovery. With short, three-quarter and long tights as well as short and long sleeved tops we have a full range of compression wear for boys and girls.