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What Clothes can I purchase from Anaconda?

Anaconda a massive range of big brand clothing for men, women & kids, including pants, shirts, tops, jackets and outerwear plus swimwear and surf wear. We also have clothing accessories such as hats, scarves, sunglasses, belts and socks.

View our extensive selection of specialist sportswear with snow, yoga, gym and compression gear plus cycling and football clothing to suit all your sporting activities.

Looking for technical apparel? Then get kitted out for your next adventure with our choice of thermals, wetsuits or rash vests.

Which Clothing Brands are stocked at Anaconda?

At Anaconda we are proud to carry the best brands in clothing from around the globe. Whether it is casual clothes to wear on the weekend or a technical insulated jacket to climb freezing Alpine summits, Anaconda has got the lot.

Our brands include 2XU, 37 Degrees South, Cape, Casio, Cederberg, Champion, Chute, Columbia, Denali, Dexshell, Fluid, Giro, Gondwana, Helly Hansen, Mojiko, Nike, Puma, Russell, Seak, Shimano, Teko, The North Face, Ugly Stik, Vigilante, adidas, Craghoppers, Go Travel, Stone Ridge, Under Armour, Rainbird, Carve, Endura, Hard Yakka, Teko, Skins and XTM among others.

Tips for Buying Clothes for Skiing and Snowboarding

Snow Skiing and Snowboarding: When buying clothes for snow skiing or snowboarding you need to consider purchasing multiple layers designed to keep you warm and dry. Base layers including thermals and socks needs to be breathable whilst at the same time maintaining a comfortable body temperature. Middle layers are required to insulate the body and at the same time be breathable and provide ventilation to ensure perspiration does not build up. Outer layers need to be water proof and wind proof whilst being breathable.

Base layer thermals need to fit well, too tight and you will be uncomfortable, too lose and you will not gain the full warmth benefits. Please visit our Thermal Guide which will enable to find the perfect material for you depending on your budget and preferences. When buying socks it is important to consider that skiing and snowboarding normally use different boots and therefore the socks bought should be specific to the activity.

Middle layers: Usually you only need a middle layer on the top half of your body as thermals and ski pants are enough to leave your legs warm! Carefully selecting a middle layer can make a big difference to a skier's comfort level. Throughout the day a skier's body temperature fluctuates substantially. After carving their way down a large slope, many skiers heat up and perspire however while riding on a ski lift to the top of the mountain, a skier's body temperature will drop. To ensure a skier or snowboarder stays comfortable throughout the day it is best to choose soft fleece layers offering warmth as well as moisture-wicking properties.

Outer Layers: This is the most important part of a skier or snowboarders outfit, providing the ultimate protection from the elements. Buying a good waterproof and breathable jacket and pants will make the difference between a great day skiing or snowboarding and a potentially wet and uncomfortable one.

The waterproofness (is that even a word!? Ah well you get the gist) and breathability of fabrics are based on two numbers. The first is in millimetres (mm) measuring how waterproof a fabric is. In the case of a 10,000 mm fabric, if you put a square container with inner dimensions of 1inch x 1inch over a piece of the fabric, you could fill it with water to a height of 10,000 mm (32.8 feet) before water would start seeping through - we'd like to see that! Therefore the higher the number, the more waterproof the fabric will be.

The second number of this measure is how breathable a fabric is, and is expressed in terms of how many grams (g) of water vapour can pass through a square meter of fabric in a 24 hour period. In the case of a 20,000g fabric, this would be 20,000 grams of water vapour. This is a little confusing so we usually recommend people go for a figure between 10,000g and 20,000g for more intense activities like Skiing and Snowboarding.



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