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Get ready for school camp with our new and exciting Cederberg Youth clothing range! Designed specifically for the 10-16 year old camper, this range has all the fabrication and technology you know and love from our Adults' Cederberg range. Keep warm outdoors with our range of Responsible Down Standard jackets and vests, softshell jackets, polar fleece tops and rain pants. With everything you need under the one collection, the Cederberg Youth range is our pick this season.

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Stay Warm In Colder Environments With These Expert Tips From Anaconda

Whether you are going for a cold hike or cold-weather camping, it is important to keep yourself warm and comfortable. If you are looking at our range of outdoor clothing, then you have your clothing covered already. Of course, you can always read on and discover some expert tips from our team.

Why Is A Base Layer Important To Stay Warm?

One of the most vital things to keep warm is wearing a base layer underneath your other clothing layers. The base layer performs many functions, but one of its primary functions is keeping you warm.

When you choose a base layer to keep you warm, always make sure you choose a fabric that is both warm and breathable. If the material is not breathable, then sweat can start accumulating on your base layer and make you cold.

Which Foods Should I Eat To Keep Warm In Colder Temperatures?

Certain foods can help to keep you warm, so it is certainly a good idea to take these foods to your camping or hiking trip. Overall, higher calorie foods are recommended, as your body burns more energy to keep itself warm.

When you choose high calorie foods for your cold weather hiking or camping trip, always check the levels of protein and fat. Higher protein and fat in your chosen food will keep you warmer, so these are the foods that are recommended to take on a colder trip.

Which Hot Beverages Will Help Keep Me Warm During A Cold Hike Or Camping Trip?

Hot beverages are a good idea to keep yourself warm too. Of course, hydration is important too, so not all hot beverages are equal. For example, hot beverages with a high caffeine content are not recommended, as caffeine is a diuretic and can therefore cause dehydration.

To keep yourself properly hydrated, choose some non-caffeinated tea, hot chocolate, or some hot lemon water. To ensure you stay hydrated during your outdoor activities, we also recommend some electrolyte drinks, as electrolytes are easily lost while sweating.

Which Sleeping Bag Is Best To Keep Myself Warm During Cold Weather Camping?

A good sleeping bag can certainly keep you warm and comfortable during colder weather. Of course, the sleeping bag alone is not enough to keep you toasty. Here are some of our recommendations.

Separate your sleeping bag from the ground - Even if you have a warm sleeping bag, putting this sleeping bag directly on the ground can still cause you to be cold. To ensure you stay warm, it is best to put a matt underneath your sleeping bag, this will separate the sleeping bag from the ground.

In addition to a sleeping bag, you could also consider an air mattress. These days, you can choose higher air mattresses, which remove you considerably from the floor. In extremely cold conditions, you can also combine such a high air mattress with a warmer sleeping bag.

Choose your material carefully - Two popular choices for cold weather conditions are down sleeping bags and synthetic sleeping bags. Evidently, your choice will depend on your preferences as well as your environment.

If you intend on sleeping in a cold as well as humid environments, you should undoubtedly consider the synthetic option. Synthetic materials are waterproof, so they will prevent your bedding from getting wet while camping. However, if you are camping in cold yet dry conditions, down sleeping bags tend to be the better option.

Prepare with the right equipment - Of course, sleeping bags and the right outdoor clothing are not the only things you need to consider when doing cold weather camping or hiking. You need the right equipment for cold weather camping too, this ranges from the choice of tent to cooking utensils to cook the food that will keep you warm.

Anaconda Provides Supplies For All Seasons

At Anaconda, you can find camping supplies for all the seasons. You can find dedicated options for cold weather camping, but also summer camping and more. When you shop at Anaconda, you can also count on discount prices. So, if you want to benefit from the sharpest prices, be sure to check out the entire catalogue today!



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