Cederberg Youth Collection

With age comes responsibility, and the Cederberg Youth Collection at Anaconda is a chance for teens to experience quality outdoor apparel from a name brand.

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It is essential to have good gear for enjoying fun times in the rain, snow and cold. Young adults can thrive in almost any conditions, and they do better when not cooped up, but they need to be dressed accordingly. The Cederberg Youth Collection is just a sample of Anaconda style for outfitting the entire family. If you are introducing young adults to the joy of camping, outfitting them with Cederberg is a great start, and there are a few more tips to remember for a successful adventure.

Make fun a priority

Kids and young adults have boundless energy and they mostly want to have a good time. Allow youths to play age appropriate games while exploring the outdoors, hiking trail or river. Mix things up with snack breaks every now and then - youths get very hungry.

Include their friends

Most teens and young adults are socially oriented and happy to bring a friend or two hiking and camping. The Cederberg Youth Collection is for young people who require protection from the elements and know how to look good while enjoying the outdoors.

Let youths guide their own fun

No Matter what way you try and guide youth entertainment, your teenagers will find their own level for enjoying down-time while camping. Water sports and adventure activities are sure-fire way to use up energy, and if teenagers need time out to relax and rest in the shade, that's OK too.

Let youths have some creature comforts

It's already a great step for youths to take time away from regular life. There is no harm in your kids taking their mobile devices along, and mobile connectivity is usually recommended while camping. Youths should also have quality tents, sleeping bags, sleeping mats and apparel suited for the climate, all available at Anaconda.

Keep the youth army well fed

If you are bringing one or two youths camping, you have an army to feed. Growing teens thrive on good food, and plenty of it, while hiking and camping. It's worth investigating cookware and culinary ideas from Anaconda so you can travel light but eat like a king.

Invest in special outdoor apparel

The weather can change quickly, and your camping and hiking apparel should include layered clothing options for adapting to all conditions. The Cederberg Youth Collection at Anaconda includes high quality winter jackets, hiking pants and other garments suited to high country adventures.

The Cederberg Fleece Jackets for girls and boys are a stylish cut above the rest and ideal for mild days and evenings. When the rain starts to fall it's time for your Cederberg Youth Kuranda Rain Jacket to keep you smart and dry. Even heavy snow is no match for a Cederberg Youth Balor Goose Down Jacket with windproof, rainproof, insulated qualities.

The Cederberg Youth Roll Up Sleeve Shirt is tailor made for hard-wearing outdoor style, made from lightweight moisture wicking fabric. If the weather is changeable, take along a pair of Cederberg Youth Coolman Zip Off Pants. Convert full length hiking trousers into hiking shorts or visa versa, with lightweight nylon versatility.

The Cederberg Youth Collection is complemented by Cederberg adults and kids clothing and outdoor apparel, all available under one roof at Anaconda. Check out the full range online or in-store for more ideas and inspiration.



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