Anaconda offers a variety of tent types including family tents, swags, hiking tents, gazebos and more. Discover them all to find the right tent for you!

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There was a time when purchasing a quality tent was difficult. There have always been 'disposal stores' and camping specialists dotted here and there, but accessing name-brand equipment wasn't always possible while on the road. Enter Anaconda in 2004, and the Australian camping and hiking industry hasn't looked back since. Outdoors types now have access to 50+ Anaconda stores Australia-wide, plus an unmatched online service that can be reached wherever you are, at all times.

The camping and hiking landscape has changed dramatically in recent decades. Satellite technology allows hikers to remain in touch even in remote locations, while GPS guidance helps everyone head in the right direction. You can even livestream your fun times in the wilderness, a guaranteed way to make your friends jealous. The great Australian outdoors is a siren call for campers, glampers, hikers and 4WD off-roaders, and with so many types of people onboard, a wide range of tent options is essential.

Anaconda is up to the task, offering Australia's finest range of high quality tents and camping gear. We are the one-stop-shop for all outdoor adventurers, and our unbeatable tent range is worth getting excited about.

What are the types of tents?

Tents come in all shapes and configurations, and there is plenty of room to showcase your individual camping style. Whether you require regal accommodation resembling a Persian caravan, a practical family tent, or a minimalist shelter for avoiding the elements, Anaconda is up to the task. Here are just a few impressive options from our amazing selection.

Bargain value tents. Price doesn't need to impede comfortable camping. Anaconda options abound for all budgets, and a value-packed tent can house the entire family comfortably. Bargain value tents by quality manufacturers include:

Spinifex Nepean Tent: This tent is airy and spacious, sleeping up to 8 people. The heavy duty floor, vertical walls and sealed seams provide enhanced weather protection, while the large front door and protective awnings create a spacious area for catching the cooling breeze.

Spinifex Coolum Dome Tent: Sleeping 3 (2 comfortably), the Coolum Dome Tent features shock corded poles, heavy duty sleeves, reinforced ropes and polyester fly fabric, all for well under $100. This attractive unit fits the bill and the budget for almost all camping purposes.

Highest quality tents. It's important to offer customers products from all ends of the spectrum, and our high quality tents manufactured by camping specialists are in demand. Here are a couple of great choices worth considering.

BlackWolf Turbo Lite Twin 240 Tent: BlackWolf are an iconic camping, hiking and outdoors brand known for quality and luxury. The Turbo Lite includes rollback vented curtain dividers for splitting the space, plus panels and awnings that can be converted for extending the living area. The BlackWolf lifetime warranty should seal the deal.

Coleman Northstar 10P Darkroom Tent: Special features of this premium tent are designed to block more sunlight and allow campers to sleep in, relax during the day, or put the kids to bed early at night. Up to 95% of sunlight is blocked in a Coleman Northstar 10P Tent, reducing heat by up to 5 degrees. Instant-up, no-frame assembly makes this product a family-friendly camping favourite. Make sure to check out Anaconda Club prices and save close to 50% on select items.

Single Swags. Some people like to experience amazing Australian scenery all by themselves. There is nothing more exhilarating than conquering the rugged Australian terrain singlehandedly, but celebrations won't be complete without sound sleeping facilities at night. Here are some quality options.

Burke & Wills Peninsula Single Swag: This deceptively spacious single dome-shaped swag is constructed with 450 gsm ripstop cotton canvas for hardwearing use. It includes a high density foam mattress, superfine insect mesh, a heavy duty vinyl base and wax treatment for superior waterproofing.

Spinifex King Single Drifter Swag: Ideal for wet or warm climates, the Spinifex Single Drifter Swag provides plenty of ventilation for capturing cool breezes at the end of a warm day. Simply unzip the full length top opening and enjoy the amazing night sky. This swag includes strong steel pegs and guy ropes for secure camping even in exposed locations.

4WD tents. Off-roading is exciting, adventurous, and just a little bit dangerous, but there should be room for comfort at the end of the day. 4WD accessories and equipment include tailor made tents and canopies that are quickly set up for instant relaxation, out of reach of creepy crawlies.

Dune 4WD Stretcher Tent: Tough, compact and portable, with no assembly required, the Dune 4WD Stretcher Tent includes a tough polyester fly, corrosion resistant frame, UV resistant fabric and Dryseam taped seams for additional water proofing. With a load capacity of 150 kg, rugged off-roaders are spoilt for luxury.

Dune 4WD Rooftop Tents: Available in 120cm and 140cm models, these rooftop tents are designed to take off-roading to the next level. Highest quality materials are used throughout and set up or fold down is achieved in seconds using the hydraulic cylinder mechanism. The comfy mattress, spacious interior and convenient ladder all add to the premium 4WD appeal.

Are pop up tents good?

Pop up tents are popular due to their simplicity. However, the difference between quality pop up tents and their undesirable counterparts is enormous. Purchasing a cheap no-name tent is a recipe for camping disaster, as it will leak, tear and probably blow away. Choose a pop up tent designed by a well-known manufacturer, and keep your eye out for superior features that include:

  • Water resistant fabrics and taped seams
  • Fast setup with adaptable configurations
  • Pegs, guy ropes and bag included
  • Storage pockets and lantern hooks
  • Strong frame and external fly
  • Strong zippers and superior ventilation

Check out the enormous Anaconda pop up tent range for more inspiration.

How do I choose a tent?

Your tent choices should match your camping/hiking/trekking ambitions. There is no alternative to quality, particularly in a country as large as Australia, where temperatures soar and plummet and the weather can change without warning. Here are some handy tips for choosing the right tent.

  • Determine your space needs for accommodating everyone comfortably.
  • Consider the weight of the tent if you are planning on hiking to the campsite.
  • Choose a climate-appropriate tent suitable for your chosen destination.
  • Make sure your tent has enough floor space for people and belongings.
  • Investigate adaptable solutions for increasing floor space and camp storage.
  • Consider the tent height for sitting or standing.
  • Purchase a tent suited to prevailing weather conditions and wind strength.

How to keep warm in a tent?

Tents provide a thin shield of protection from the elements and staying dry while camping in the rain is essential. The best tents are water resistant and promote air flow for staying cooler during the day and comfortable at night. The weather can drop markedly overnight in the outback, and you are guaranteed to wake up freezing unless you have a suitable tent, sleeping bag and other creature comforts on your side.

It pays to invest in a tent with a solid floor, and the addition of a thin and durable camp mattress will keep you high and dry. Check out sleeping bag options available at Anaconda, and pair your tent, bag, and other equipment for a warm and comfortable camping adventure.

What size tent do I need?

Most people prefer a slightly larger tent, rather than compressing everything into a confined space. If you require a general camping tent with more space, purchase a 3-person tent instead of a 2-person tent, or choose a tent with adaptable walls, rooms and awnings. A family-sized tent can be a home base with all the bells and whistles including camp cooking equipment, solar lighting, USB compatible devices, showers, toilets and every other type of comfort.

Your tent choice will probably be influenced by your favourite camping style, so whether you are looking for hiking tents, dome tents, cabin tents, a beach tent or roof top tent, Anaconda have the style options you are after. Our tents are hand selected by outdoor specialists for their workmanship, durability and weather-resistant performance, and with major tent manufacturers on our side, we pass the savings on to you.

Anaconda's nation-wide reach allows us to equip all Australians with superior outdoor products designed to handle tough conditions. We are excited to showcase the best gear and accessories and invite you to explore our impressive range. We provide a streamlined customer service so you can shop online, plus real Anaconda stores where you can explore your options in person, speak to the experts, and plan your next exciting camping adventure.



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