At Anaconda, we offer a massive variety of tents and camping houses that includes family tents, swags, hiking tents, camping tents, gazebos and much more, all from the leading brands in camping. Browse our entire range of tents and discover your perfect tent at Anaconda online or in-store today!

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Tents come in all shapes and configurations, including shower tents and beach sunshades, and there is plenty of room to showcase your individual camping style. Whether you require regal accommodation resembling a Persian caravan, a practical family tent or a minimalist awning or tarp shelter for avoiding the elements, Anaconda is up to the task. Our extensive range includes 4WD rooftop tents, cabin tents, dome tents, family tents, touring tents and much more.

Here are just a few impressive options from our amazing tent selection:

Family tents

Whether you're camping with friends or family, our great range of family tents will make sure everyone has their own space when sleeping inside the tent. With a huge range of leading camping brands such as Oztrail, Coleman Northstar, Dune, Spinifex and more, you'll have a huge variety of options, from 6-person tents to spacious 11-person tents.

Canvas tents

When camping in wet weather, our range of canvas tents will make sure you stay safe and dry. Being highly waterproof, canvas tents are made from breathable fabric that ensures there won't be a build-up of humidity inside the tent when sleeping. They're also extremely durable, which is just what you need when out camping in remote areas.

Camping tents

No matter how you prefer to camp, our massive range of camping tents will make sure you find the exact type of tent you need. Our range includes high-quality rooftop tents when camping in the 4WD, swagger tents for a quick and easy setup, snow tents for when camping in extreme temperatures and many more.

Hiking tents

Our great range of hiking tents features quality tents designed to withstand every season. Made with materials such as ripstop polyester and ultralight nylon, our hiking tents are wind-resistant, waterproof, and can stretch and flex according to various conditions. No matter how bad the weather outside is, our tents will make sure you stay protected and comfortable.


Pop up tents from manufacturers such as Oztent and Oztrail are popular due to their instant-up simplicity. However, the difference between quality pop up tents and their undesirable counterparts is enormous. Purchasing a cheap no-name tent is a recipe for camping disaster, as it will leak, tear and probably blow away. Choose a pop up tent, dome tent, hiking tent or family tent designed by a well-known manufacturer, and keep your eye out for superior features that include:

  • Water-resistant fabrics and taped seams
  • Fast hiking tent setup with adaptable configurations
  • Pegs, guy ropes and bag included
  • Awning, storage pockets and lantern hooks
  • Strong frame and external fly
  • Strong zippers and superior ventilation

Check out the Anaconda pop up tent range for more inspiration.


Your tent choices should match your camping/hiking/trekking ambitions. There is no alternative to quality, particularly in a country as large as Australia, where temperatures soar and plummet and the weather can change without warning. Here are some handy tips for choosing the right tent so you can explore planet earth in style:

  • Determine your camping tent space needs for accommodating everyone comfortably.
  • Consider the weight of the camping tent if you are planning on hiking to the campsite.
  • Choose a climate-appropriate tent suitable for your chosen destination.
  • Make sure your family tent has enough floor space for people and belongings.
  • Investigate adaptable tent accessories solutions for increasing floor space and camp storage.
  • Consider the tent height for comfortably sitting or standing.
  • Purchase tents, tarps, awnings and sleeping bags suited to prevailing weather conditions and wind strength.
  • Consider tent accessories, portable toilets, food storage, shower tents and other outdoor options.

For more helpful information to help you choose the right tent for your camping needs, check out our tent buying guide for more tips.


It has never been easier or more affordable to equip the entire family with high-quality tents, sleeping bags, swags and other tourer/hiker gear for great times in the Australian outdoors. Whether you enjoy mountain climbing, camping or hiking in Australia, Anaconda has the tent you are looking for. Also make sure you have everything you need for your tent by browsing our huge range of tent accessories.

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