Toilet & Shower Tents

Toilet & Shower Tents

If you don't fancy the idea of sharing communal toilet or shower facilities at your camp site, or are planning a camping holiday in a remote locations, Anacondas range of shower and toilet tents is the perfect answer to your hygiene requirements.

Easy to put up and take down, the toilet and shower tents range from a basic pop-up model to a deluxe version with built in shelf and towel rails. Team the tents with Anaconda's range of portable toilets and/or camping showers to create your own en-suite facilties no matter where you pitch your tent this year.

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  • Spinifex Pop Up Shower Tent

    Spinifex Pop Up Shower Tent

    Unpack in seconds and it's ready to go. Pop up style internal spring steel frame, assembles in seconds, large size with straight walls to maximise room. Also the material has a silver block out material on one side so you'll have plenty of privacy around the camp site.

    Reg: $99.99

  • Headland Privacy Ensuite

    Headland Privacy Ensuite

    The Headland Privacy Ensuite is a compact toilet and shower tent which packs away in seconds. Features a continuous loop with steel frame.

    Reg: $49.99

  • Dune Deluxe Ensuite

    Dune Deluxe Ensuite

    Dune Deluxe Ensuite....

    Reg: $229.99

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What is a toilet or shower tent?

Toilet tents and shower tents are specifically designed to provide you with your own private facilities when out camping. Whether you are camping in a remote location without communal shower/toilet block, or you just prefer to have your own facilities nearby, taking along a portable shower or toilet and one (or two) of these handy tents will mean you are completely self-sufficient. With a small carbon footprint and generous headroom, these tents are easy to put up and take down and do not take up much extra room when going to and from your campsite.

What else do I need to set up a portable shower?

Rigging up a portable shower at your campsite can be as basic or as luxurious as you like, with the extensive range of portable camping shower equipment available at Anaconda. Choose simple solar, gravity operated camp showers, hot water on demand pressure fed systems, and everything in-between, depending on the size of your party and your budget. You can add a shower stand and hose, or choose a hanging shower bucket that holds 20 litres of water. Some shower tents even have an added shelf and towel rails for an extra slice of luxury.

How about a portable WC?

When using your tent to house a portable WC, you again have a host of options to choose from at Anaconda, ranging from a simple toilet bucket right up to a luxury electric flush model with built-in toilet roll holder! Simply choose your preferred option and don't forget to look at the range of toilet chemicals and waste disposal options to ensure that your campsite stays fresh and hygienic, no matter how long your camping trip.

Where else can I use a shower or toilet tent?

Why not set up a portable loo for your next large outdoor event at home, to reduce waiting times at the bathroom door? Or save yourself any unpleasantness by taking your shower and toilet tent to your next festival, and make sure you have your own, clean facilities at hand whenever you need them. In fact, there are many occasions when a handy portable toilet or shower could prove very useful, so check out the possibilities at Anaconda today, either online or in store.

Even without its toilet or shower, your toilet and shower tent can be used as extra storage space if you have too much camping gear to store inside your tent, and the simple pop-up action means that it is quickly and easily pitched when needed.

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