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Can I purchase Hiking Tents at Anaconda?

Yes, you can! Check out our great range of specially designed hiking tents that will sleep one, two and even three people to find the perfect solution for your next hiking adventure. With hiking tents from leading brands such as Denali, Dune, and Quick Tourer as well as others, you can find hiking tents at Anaconda for every adventure.

What are the benefits of a Hiking Tent?

Hiking tents are specifically designed to be lightweight and are generally easy to set up and to dismantle, making them ideal for trips where you are looking to move from spot to spot, rather than spending a static holiday in one place. Ideally suited for hiking trips, bike rides, kayaking and touring holidays, a hiking tent is quickly and easily erected when you arrive at each destination, and with a weight of only a couple of kilos, they are easy to transport as well, even if you have to carry them.

What are the main features of Hiking Tents?

Hiking tents are nearly always made of man-made materials such as Nylon or Polyester, which are lightweight but very durable, as well as waterproof and wind-resistant. Most hiking tents are compact in size, and are specifically designed for sleeping in rather than spending time in during the day, which means that they have a lower head height as well. They have lightweight poles and are generally set up with just a few easy movements. If you are looking for storage some of the tents offer extra storage space for equipment and personal belongings, but generally they do not have much room to spare in order to keep the weight down.

What else should I consider when buying a Hiking Tent?

Depending on the time of year of your trip and the likely climate you will find yourself in, check out if your selected hiking tent is suitable for the season in question. Most hiking tents are classed as two, three or four season tents, while some are described as all-season, but if you are unsure about which hiking tent is suitable for you, please do not hesitate to check with our sales staff, who will be delighted to help you find the best hiking tent.

What other uses are there for Hiking Tents?

Hiking tents can also be very useful if you are looking for some extra space to go alongside your family tent, maybe when the children are getting a little older and prefer their own space or if you are inviting friends along on your camping trip. Hiking tents are also great for taking along to music festivals and other outdoor events, or for a fun camping adventure in the garden at home. Thanks to their lightweight structure, they are quickly set up at any time and with their own carry bag, and they are easy to take along to any event.



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