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Not sure which tent you need? Then check out our entire range of tents!

Anaconda offers a wide variety of tent types including family tents, swags, hiking tents, gazebos and camping tents.

Discover them all to find the right tent for you!

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  • Comocean Tri Sunshade

    Comocean Tri Sunshade

    Heading to the beach and don't want to look like one of those fools that can't fold their beach shelter up? The Tri Shade with its three pole quick-erect design will allow you to set up quick smart and be well sheltered from the sun....

    Reg: $30.00

  •   Spinifex Longreach 4 Person Vestibule Tent

    Spinifex Longreach 4 Person Vestibule Tent

    When you walk through a storm. . . You know how the song goes. But if you're camping and you want to sleep through a storm you had better be in a Spinifex Longreach Vestibule Tent. Why? Because, after three days of torrential rain, glass-breaking, metal-denting hailstones and a roaring gale that rip...

    Reg: $249.99

    Now: $149.99

  •   Coleman Event 14 Sunshade

    Coleman Event 14 Sunshade

    This freestanding sunshade is high enough to walk under and is a must for anyone having a party or going camping during the sunnier months. Coleman's Event 14 Sunshade is ideal for short term, large group gatherings, catered events or anywhere it's needed in the great outdoors. Included is a conveni...

    Reg: $329.99

    Now: $263.99

  •   BlackWolf Bushranger Swag

    Reg: $699.99 - $749.99

    Now: $559.99 - $599.99

  •   COI Guy Rope With Plastic Slider

    COI Guy Rope With Plastic Slider

    This guy rope has a solid plastic slider, with dimensons of 3.5 m x 6 mm....

    Reg: $7.99

    Now: $6.39

  •   COI Guy Rope With Wooden Runner

    COI Guy Rope With Wooden Runner

    This guy rope has a wooden rope runner and 3.5 metre long with 6mm diameter dimensions....

    Reg: $6.99

    Now: $5.59

  •   Dune Sentry Bivy

    Dune Sentry Bivy

    Super compact and lightweight bivy, ideal for anyone heading into the great outdoors. Featuring light weight aluminium poles and plenty of ventilation for all climates. Fully taped seams offer ultimate protection regardless of what the elements throw at you....

    Reg: $169.99

    Now: $101.99

  •   Headland Byron 2 Person Tent

    Headland Byron 2 Person Tent

    This little gem of a tent is perfect for festivals and overnight stays. The Headland Byron tent weighs in at only 1.6kg, making it a perfect lightweight and compact 2 person dome tent....

    Reg: $29.99

    CLUB: $19.99

  •   Quick Tourer 2 Person Tent

    Quick Tourer 2 Person Tent

    Love camping but loathe setting up a tent? Then look no further than the Quick Tourer range. With assembly done and dusted in under a minute, you'll never be worried about the sun setting and pitching a tent in the dark! The Quick Tourer 2 person tent boasts ample ventilation and a handy extended ve...

    Reg: $189.99

    Now: $151.99

  •   Spinifex Redcliffe 4 Person Vestibule Plus Tent

    Spinifex Redcliffe 4 Person Vestibule Plus Tent

    The Spinifex Redcliffe 4V Plus Tent features a generous extended front vestibule and rear bedroom accommodating up to 4 people. Large doors and mesh windows ensure ventilation is covered in spades. Utilise the front vestibule for storage, dining room or just a play area to keep the kids out of the s...

    Reg: $249.99

    Now: $149.99

  •   Denali Kakadu Hike Tent

    Denali Kakadu Hike Tent

    Lightweight hike tent ideal for weekend hikes or school camping trips. Compact and easy to erect. Features 2 pole set design, waterproof fly and front vestibule for easy storage....

    Reg: $159.99

    Now: $79.99

  • Denali Vortex II Hike Tent

    Denali Vortex II Hike Tent

    The Denali Vortex 2 man tent achieves a new level of rigidity for hike tents. A clever pole configuration maximizes head room, can stand up in strong winds from any direction, is freestanding as well as extremely aerodynamic. Moreover, Extra-large doors give you easy access to the Extra-large room. ...

    Reg: $100.00 - $329.99

    Now: $100.00 - $164.99

  • Denali Squall Hike Tent

    Denali Squall Hike Tent

    This is the ideal tent for any adventure all year round. That's right, this is a 4-season tent that you can rely on no matter what the conditions and at a fraction of what you would expect to pay. Check out the features packed into this lightweight wonder!...

    Reg: $100.00

  • Denali Vortex III Hike Tent

    Denali Vortex III Hike Tent

    The Denali Vortex 3 man tent achieves a new level of rigidity for hike tents. A clever pole configuration maximizes head room, can stand up in strong winds from any direction, is freestanding as well as extremely aerodynamic. Moreover, Extra-large doors give you easy access to the Extra-large room. ...

    Reg: $100.00 - $389.99

    Now: $100.00 - $194.99

  • Denali Storm III 2 Person Hike Tent

    Denali Storm III 2 Person Hike Tent

    Be prepared! Ideal for 3 season hiking, trekking or bike riding adventures The Denali 2-person Storm III Hike tent is durable with ripstop fabric including a fly which has been designed with ripstop material making it suitable for any season. This tent has a breathable inner with mesh providing good...

    Reg: $100.00

  •   Spinifex Jindabyne Dome Tent

    Spinifex Jindabyne Dome Tent

    A spacious three-person tent, the Jindabyne Dome tent from Spinifex offers campers the convenience of a spacious vestibule at the front of the tent, in addition to providing them with an undercover storage area for gear or a place to escape the weather. This tent is suitable for a spring/summer week...

    Reg: $119.99

    Now: $71.99

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Which types of tent can I purchase at Anaconda?

At Anaconda, we have every type of tent you might be looking for, from single person swags to large family tents, and everything in-between. In addition, you can find gazebos, swags, sunshades and windbreaks, and even toilet and shower tents at Anaconda. Whether you are looking for a lightweight model tent to go hiking with, or a large family tent for an extended holiday, you'll be able to find it here.

What kind of tent is right for me?

That depends on many factors including the type of holiday you are planning, how many people need to be accommodated, your budget, your preference for either canvas or man-made material, how good you are at putting up tents and whether you will have to transport your tent a long way from the car, as some of them are much heavier than others! Also, someone who is trying camping for the first time may not want to invest in high-end camping gear until they know this is the right type of holiday for them, so a budget-friendly option may be more suitable. Experienced campers may be looking to add to their existing tent or looking to renew or upgrade. The possibilities are many.

Where do I start with choosing my tent?

For first-time campers, the choice of sizes, shapes and materials of tents can be quite confusing, so we recommend that you read up on the various options first to see what is important to you. You will find plenty of information on-line, or from reputable camping and caravanning sites. You might also want to come and have a look at one of our stores, and speak to our sales team who between them have lots of experience when it comes to camping, hiking and tents.

What other things should I consider about tents?

Size and weight of your tent are important factors. As well as being able to sleep in your tent, you may also need to allow space for eating and spending time inside when the weather turns against you. You will also need to allow space to store your gear, equipment and food. Many inexperienced campers make the mistake of going for the number of people that a tent can sleep when choosing their tent, but these guides don't allow for any extra space that you may need for moving about, storing stuff, etc., so always check the actual floor space carefully.

On the other hand, choosing the biggest tents possible may not always be the wisest option, as they can be much heavier, be tricky to put up for one or two people, and may take up too much space in your vehicle. Two smaller tents side by side rather than one large tent may also give you more privacy, which can be a bonus for longer holidays or when children are of varying ages. Parents may want to keep younger children in the main tent with them, while older children or teens might enjoy the use of a single or double swag.

What about the materials tents are made of?

Both canvas (cotton) tents and tents made from man-made materials such as Nylon, PVC and others have their pros and cons and you will find as many people choosing one as the other for varying reasons. Canvas tents are made of a more breathable material and have god insulating properties, keeping you cooler in hot weather and warmer in cold times. Man-made materials are lighter and easier to handle, but may be less comfortable in very hot situations. They are also often cheaper than canvas tents and have the benefit of being easier to care for. A canvas tent will not take kindly to being packed away damp, developing mould and mildew much more easily than a polyester tent.

Isn't camping in tents a very basic, primitive experience?

It certainly can be, if that is what you are aiming for! Some people love being one with nature, and tackling the elements with just the most basic provisions. However, if you like a bit more luxury, modern-day camping can certainly provide that, with its tall and roomy tents, comfortable airbeds, portable power solutions that let you run fridges and even air conditioning, and a huge range of accessories ranging from fire pits to en-suite toilets. So whether you want to be "roughing it" or prefer "glamping", at Anaconda we can provide every level of comfort that you can think of for your next camping experience.

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