Beach Sunshades

Beach Sunshades

Planning a trip to the beach?

Make sure you have some extra protection against the sun, especially when you're taking the kids with you!

With our selection of beach shelters and sunshades, you'll never have to worry about the sun again!

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  • Comocean Tri Sunshade

    Comocean Tri Sunshade

    Heading to the beach and don't want to look like one of those fools that can't fold their beach shelter up? The Tri Shade with its three pole quick-erect design will allow you to set up quick smart and be well sheltered from the sun....

    Reg: $30.00

  • Comocean Marlin Beach Shelter

    Comocean Marlin Beach Shelter

    Comocean Marlin Beach Shelter.

    Reg: $25.00

  • Comocean Mahi Beach Shelter

    Comocean Mahi Beach Shelter

    The Comocean Mahi Beach Shelter is UPF 50+ and measures 220 x 125 x 120 cm, making it a must have for this summer season....

    Reg: $79.99

  • Comocean Flounder Beach Shelter

    Comocean Flounder Beach Shelter

    The Comocean Flounder Beach Shelter is great for a day at the beach or even a picnic to protect you from the shade. Easy to set up and pack, it's the must have addition to your beach collection this season!

    Reg: $19.99

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Why purchase sunshades?

As we all know, too much exposure to the sun can be dangerous, especially on long days at the beach with kids, so protect yourself and your family from an overdose of harmful rays with one of these great pop-up sunshades. Great for kids so they can safely play, or to have a drink or snack in between activities, the sunshades from Anaconda are lightweight and easy to put up.

Are sunshades easy to set up?

Most of the sunshades available at Anaconda are either a pop-up model, or have just a few components, which means it is easy to put up and take down your sunshade. In addition, their lightweight construction and design mean they will not take up much space in your car either, so they are an ideal accessory to bring with you to the beach. If the sun moves, simply adjust the positioning of your sunshade to get the most out of your shady area.

What else can I use my sunshade for?

Sunshades offer you a greater level of privacy if you want to dress / undress the kids, change a baby, breastfeed, or even just relax on a crowded beach. Kids can also have a snooze in them if they get tired, or teenagers might like to relax in them and listen to music from their phone or tablet. In addition, they are great to put up in the garden or back yard with a paddling pool for hours of fun in the holidays, and they can also offer protection from the wind whenever you are on the beach or camping.

What sizes do sunshades come in?

From a basic single sun/wind shade for one person, ideal if you want to sunbathe, but also read a book as it provides shade for your head and shoulders, to sunshades that measure approximately 2 metres by 2 metres and are large enough to accommodate a family of four sitting down, you can choose from many models, colours and sizes of sunshade at Anaconda. Some sunshades have tarpaulin inside the sunshade only, while others have an extra area of tarpaulin outside of the shaded area for you to use.

Isn't it going to be too hot under the sunshade?

Thanks to the three-sided design of most sunshades, you will have plenty of air circulating inside the sunshade. Some models offer further ventilation with mesh windows in the side panels, or flaps that can be put up or down for extra access and ventilation. AS well as providing useful shade on the beach, your sunshade can also be a good focus point for kids when coming out of the sea, as they will be able to find you by searching for the brightly coloured dome.

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