Stretchers & Beds

Stretchers & Beds

If the idea of sleeping on the ground keeps you awake, then take a look at the Stretcher and Bed range at Anaconda. Keeping you off the ground, these stretchers and camp beds can be used with just a sleeping bag, a foam mattress, or even an inflatable mattress on top, depending on the level of comfort you are after.

Available in single as well as double sizes, stretchers and camp beds even come in a bunk bed option, which will delight the kids and save you some valuable floor space in your family tent at the same time.

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  • Coleman Big Sky Bed

    Coleman Big Sky Bed

    You'll get the comfortable rest you need for a big day of exploring the outdoors in a Coleman Big Sky bed Stretcher. With the coil suspension system and thick foam mattress pad, you'll feel like you're sleeping in a bed. The strong steel frame will make sure you'll always have a great place to sleep...

    Reg: $149.99

  • Spinifex Camp Cot

    Spinifex Camp Cot

    The sturdy Camp Cot from Spinifex makes roughing it a little easier and they're also great as a back-up option for overnight guests. The Camp Cot features tubular aluminium frame, Centre folding design for compact and 600 denier polyester fabric gives extra comfort. Easy carrying because of it light...

    Reg: $99.99

  • Spinifex Explorer Stretcher

    Spinifex Explorer Stretcher

    Why would you choose to sleep on the cold, hard ground when you have the option to sleep in comfort? The Spinifex Explorer Stretcher makes roughing it a little easier, and it's also great as a back-up option for overnight guests....

    Reg: $39.99

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  • Spinifex Large Camp Stretcher

    Spinifex Large Camp Stretcher

    Your designated driver is exhausted but the tent's not up! Don't make him wait if you've got an early start. Grab your Spinifex Camp Stretcher, unfold it and slip the poles through the bedding sleeves at each end of the stretcher, lock them in and -hey, he's already asleep. Carry him inside later wh...

    Reg: $99.99 - $109.99

  • Spinifex Deluxe Stretcher

    Spinifex Deluxe Stretcher

    The sturdy Deluxe Stretcher from Spinifex makes roughing it a little easier and they're also great as a back-up option for overnight guests. Available in large and Extra-large models, the stretcher features extra-strong steel legs, a rugged aluminium top frame to reduce the overall weight, and hardy...

    Reg: $139.99 - $159.99

  • Spinifex Double Bunk Bed

    Spinifex Double Bunk Bed

    The Spinifex Double Bunk Bed: versatile, dual purpose design - use as a double bunk when stacked or as two single stretchers....

    Reg: $179.99

  • Spinifex Deluxe Folding Bed

    Spinifex Deluxe Folding Bed

    Camping bed, foldable to compact size for easy carrying. Comfortable bedcover with foam padded.

    Reg: $129.99

  • Burke & Wills Simpson Chair

    Burke & Wills Simpson Chair

    The Burke & Wills range of swags and camping and hiking gear are designed to withstand the harshest climatic conditions our country can offer. All Burke & Wills oilskin and canvas gear is finished with the highest quality trimmings available, so you can rest assured it will last the distance. With a...

    Reg: $59.99

  • OZtrail Queen Anywhere Bed

    OZtrail Queen Anywhere Bed

    Lightweight, easy to Transport patented design that folds out to a queen size bed with built-in air mattress....

    Reg: $239.99

  • Out Of Stock Spinifex Double Camp Stretcher

    Spinifex Double Camp Stretcher

    Save space and time with this all in one double stretcher. Durable and versatile, great for family trips. Folds into it's own carry bag for added portability and easy storage....

    Reg: $90.00

  • Out Of Stock Spinifex Double Bunk Bed With Roll Bag

    Spinifex Double Bunk Bed With Roll Bag

    The kids love sleeping on them you save on floor space, leaving plenty of room in the camper, trailer or tent and they're practical. Bed time is fun with a Spinifex Double Bunk Bed. Made from sturdy tubular steel with a powder-coated finish and a weight rating of 100 kg for the bottom and 80kg for t...

    Reg: $89.00

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How can I make sure I sleep comfortably outdoors?

Enjoy a great night's sleep after a busy day having fun when camping, hiking or trekking with the right sleeping gear from Anaconda. With so many different sleeping options to choose from, you'll be able to find the perfect solution to a good night's rest whatever your circumstances. Choose from camp beds, sleeping bags, airbeds, sleeping mats, hammocks and all the sleeping essentials and accessories that you can think of, from travel pillows to pumps.

No matter where you plan to spend the night, you'll be able to spend it in at least relative comfort with a little planning and organisation before you set off, with the many specially designed sleeping options available at Anaconda.

Which is the best sleeping solution for me?

Different sleeping solutions take up different amounts of space and vary in weight. If you need to carry your bedding, opt for some of the great lightweight sleeping mats available at Anaconda, topped with an inflatable pillow and a sleeping bag for minimum carrying effort. If your vehicle will take the strain, you can splash out on more weighty items such as luxurious inflatable beds, stretchers or camp beds or a combination of the two, depending on space available.

Take into consideration the terrain and the climate, as you may not wish to sleep on rocky ground without some comforting layers, and at some times of the year extra insulation will be required while at other times breathability and air circulation will be more important.

Space in your tent is another consideration, as some tents have space to leave bedding down during the day, while in others it is a matter of clearing away every morning to make room to move about, get dressed and have breakfast!

Are airbeds easy to operate?

Most airbeds available from Anaconda are easy to inflate with a pump, which in some cases may be included with the airbed (see product details) or which can be purchased separately from the range of pumps available. Pumps include manual pumps, electric pumps, pumps that can be run off your vehicle's engine and even rechargeable pumps, so the choice is yours depending on your budget and location.

Most airbeds can also be deflated with pumps when they have a deflate setting, which makes it much easier to extract all the air and leave a manageable parcel to stow back in the car at the end of your trip.

Which other sleeping methods do you recommend?

Folding camp beds or stretchers can be a great solution for those who want to sleep some distance off the ground, and with the addition of a sleeping mat or thin air mattress you'll be able to spend a comfortable night. For those young at heart, a hammock is a romantic sleeping solution that can work equally well for one or two people, but you will need to make sure you have suitable fixing points at your campsite, otherwise a freestanding frame will be needed to hang your hammock from. Anaconda stocks both single and double hammocks.

Can I purchase stretchers and beds at Anaconda?

Yes, you can! If you're planning to go on a camping holiday but don't relish the idea of stretching out on the ground to sleep, a stretcher or camp bed is a must for a comfortable night's rest. Designed to let you sleep while staying clear of the ground, the stretchers from camping and hiking experts Spinifex and Coleman are available at Anaconda. Each of these stretchers are designed to be easily transported, set up and dismantled. Whether you are reluctant to sleep on the ground because the terrain is rocky, you dislike creepy crawlies, or your knees complain when you have to get down to or up off the ground, investing in a camp bed or stretcher is a great idea.

What types of stretcher bed are available?

Stretchers are available as single, extra-large single, double and bunk bed style, which means that you can get the right style and size for you and your family no matter how many people in your camping party. The double stretcher bed available at Anaconda measures 131 cm wide when put up, which is nearly the size of a standard double bed, and is able to carry weights of 100kg on each side of the bed, or 200 kg in total.

Kids and teenagers will enjoy the novelty of a bunk bed style stretcher and it will save valuable floor space in your tent too, just make sure you have enough head height to assemble the higher structure, and always take care by not putting young children in top bunks.

How do I use my stretcher bed?

Some stretcher beds come as just the bed, while others have a mattress included already. Most of them are supplied with their own carry bag and fold up or dismantle for easy transport. For extra comfort, you can add a sleeping mat or air mattress to your camp bed, but some people prefer to just add a sleeping bag, the choice is yours. Anaconda stocks a large range of sleeping mats as well as various styles of air mattress to choose from.

Where else can I use my stretcher bed?

Once you have purchased a stretcher bed, you'll be amazed at how many times it comes in useful on trips or around the house. You could use it to put up unexpected overnight guests, lend it to kids who are going to university, or use for sleepovers for the kids, to put up in the garden during sunny days, or for kids who are home sick from school, the possibilities are endless!

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