Sleeping Bags

Sleeping Bags

Need a sleeping bag that is comfortable and easy to take with you?

Choose one of the sleeping bags from the Anaconda sleeping bag range and experience ultimate comfort.

We have several designs and colours available, so everyone will find something that fits their personal taste.

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  •   Spinifex Moondance Queen Sleeping Bag

    Spinifex Moondance Queen Sleeping Bag

    Great queen size sleeping bag providing plenty of space for two adults. This bag is built tough but comfortable and will keep you warm even in frosty temperatures. Durable polyester outer shell with a soft silktek liner doubled up with fleece around the feet area. The sleeping bag can be easily fitt...

    Reg: $199.99

    Now: $99.99

  •   Spinifex Drifter Sleeping Bag

    Spinifex Drifter Sleeping Bag

    The Spinifex Drifter is a great hooded sleeping bag with a 0 degree comfort rating. Comfortable, lightweight and all at a great price. Great for home, school camps or general camping. Make sure you take this on your next camping adventure!...

    Reg: $69.99

    Now: $39.99

  •   Spinifex Peak Hooded Sleeping Bag

    Spinifex Peak Hooded Sleeping Bag

    The Spinifex Peak range of sleeping bags are the perfect all year round sleeping bag. With a comfort rating of -2 degrees, the Peak hooded sleeping bag will ensure you get a warm night's sleep. Choose from a great choice of colours. Great for camping in autumn and winter....

    Reg: $109.99

    Now: $54.99

  •   Spinifex Summit Camper Sleeping Bag

    Spinifex Summit Camper Sleeping Bag

    The Spinifex Summit range of sleeping bags are the perfect sleeping bag for winter camping. There is nothing more comforting than jumping into a warm and comfy sleeping bag after a long day. And with a comfort rating of -4 degrees, the Summit camper sleeping bag will keep you warm and rested up befo...

    Reg: $129.99

    Now: $69.99

  •   Spinifex Kid's Keira Sleeping Bag

    Spinifex Kid's Keira Sleeping Bag

    Whether it be for summer camping or a night's stay at a friend's place, the Spinifex Kid's Keira Sleeping Bag is a great option for kids. Suited to spring and early autumn conditions, it has increased filling for warmth, silk touch polyester lining and an outer shell made from a Polyester ripstop fa...

    Reg: $59.99

    Now: $29.99

  •   Spinifex Darling Hooded Sleeping Bag

    Spinifex Darling Hooded Sleeping Bag

    Not only will the kids love the Spinifex Darling Sleeping Bag but the parents can relax knowing the little ones will be warm in this 0 degree rated bag. Great for sleep overs, school camps and general camping...

    Reg: $69.99

    Now: $39.99

  •   Spinifex Mantis Sleeping Bag

    Spinifex Mantis Sleeping Bag

    The Spinifex Mantis Sleeping Bag features a comfy polycotton lining and 300gsm hollow fibre inner. With a 0 degree comfort rating, the Mantis is perfect for sleepovers, school camp and general camping!...

    Reg: $79.99

    CLUB: $35.00

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Can I purchase sleeping bags at Anaconda?

Yes, you can. But you may want to take your time to have a look at the numerous different options on offer! With some sixty different sleeping bags in the range, Anaconda offers sleeping bags from many well-known market leaders such as Black Wolf, Spinifex, Coleman and Oztrail to name but a few. With so many styles and sizes on offer, you'll be able to find the sleeping bag that gives you the most comfortable night's sleep no matter where you are.

What is the best sleeping bag for me?

When choosing your sleeping bag, take into account what is most important to you. Some of the things to look out for are:

Temperature – you'll want a different sleeping bag for a summer camping trip and a mountain challenge in winter. Take into account the surrounding temperature at your destination when choosing the right sleeping bag for your trip. Some sleeping bags are hooded, which will add an extra layer of warmth around the top of your head.
Size and weight – this will be important if you have to carry your sleeping bag on your back or on your bike as you move from place to place, and it may also be a consideration if you are sleeping in a swag that does not have much extra room.
Comfort – sleeping directly on rocky ground will require a more robust and filled sleeping bag than when you are spreading your sleeping bag on top of an air mattress.
One or two? – If you are a couple, you may prefer to choose one of the double sized sleeping bags available at Anaconda, or you may want to opt for two bags in different weights if you each prefer cooler or warmer sleeping environments.
Budget – Anaconda stocks sleeping bags in a wide range of prices, and a one-off weekend camping trip may not merit as much investment as regular trekking.

What about sleeping bags for kids?

If you are travelling with children, get their sleeping bags at Anaconda too! They'll be cosy and warm in the slightly shorter sleeping bags that have fun colours or even a glow in the dark design, and they may also like to use them for sleepovers or slumber parties at home once the holiday is over.

What else is included in the sleeping bags range?

For added hygiene and comfort, consider adding a liner to your sleeping bag. Available in cotton, cotton/silk and stretchy knitted fabrics that are all machine washable, sleeping bag liners will add a layer of comfort while prolonging the life of your sleeping bag.

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