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Take advantage of the Anaconda range of sleeping mats for your next camping trip.

At Anaconda you'll find sleeping mats of all sizes, ensuring you always have a comfortable sleep.

Don't forget to also have a look at our sleeping bags!

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Why invest in a sleeping mat?

Going for a camping trip or trekking holiday in the great outdoors does not mean that you have to give up all hope of a comfortable night's sleep. In fact, making sure you have a good night's sleep is paramount to the enjoyment of the rest of your time away! So whether you opt for a sleeping mat because you favour a lightweight approach (important when trekking, cycling or kayaking) or you want to add a layer of comfort between your back and the ground; a stretcher, camp bed, as well as a sleeping mat is a great addition to your trip.

Can I purchase sleeping mats at Anaconda?

Indeed you can! With our sleeping mats ranging in price and sizes, Anaconda has a sleeping mat that is just right for you. Choose from inflatable, self-inflating, single, double, lightweight, ultra-thin, padded, and more depending on your preference, budget and planned location. With sleeping mats from market leaders such as Black Wolf, Sea & Summit and others you know you'll be in good hands whatever your choice when buying a sleeping mat at Anaconda.

What type of sleeping mat is best for me?

Sleeping mats come in a large range of styles, sizes and prices, so it pays to do your homework when it comes to choosing the best sleeping solution for your trip. Things to keep in mind when it comes to choosing a mat include:

  • Climate: Depending on your location, remember that a sleeping mat that has very good insulating properties in cold climates may be uncomfortably warm in hot weather, so choose the right type of material for your destination
  • Weight and size: If you have to carry the mat as part of your luggage, you may want to choose a lightweight and/or easily inflatable sleeping mat that does not require a separate pump and folds or rolls up into a compact shape
  • Comfort: Depending on your age, bodyweight and sleeping habits, choose a sleeping mat that is suitable for your requirements. Some mats are thicker for added comfort while others have reinforced areas for where most of your bodyweight rests on the mat
  • Budget: If you are getting a sleeping mat for a one-off short trip or to try if you like the experience of sleeping on a mat, don't blow the budget on the most expensive mat available first time round!


What if I decide that a sleeping mat is not for me?

Check out the many other sleeping arrangements that Anaconda offers including airbeds, self-inflating beds, camp beds, stretchers, sleeping bags and hammocks. With so many sleeping solutions for your camping or hiking trip, you'll find the perfect sleeping solution online or in-store at Anaconda.

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