Dometic Portable 150W Solar Blanket Kit Black

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The Dometic PSB150 is a compact, foldable solar blanket excellent for outdoor enthusiasts seeking a simple way to maintain a charge. It's made from powerful C60 SunPower solar cells for the ultimate strength and longevity with extremely efficient output power up to 22%. Simple and fast to connect with no screw terminals and no risk of poor connections from frayed wired or loose terminals, just plug and play! Its portability is achieved by a build that is approximately one third of the weight of equivalent glass solar panels.

- Anti-reflective and scratch-resistance ETFE coating, designed to have high corrosion resistance and strength over a wide temperature range (up to 150 degrees C)
- Blanket features a high melting temperature, UV resistance, chemical resistance, non-stick and self-cleaning (due to its non-stick surface) and recyclable properties
- Colour coded connectors for the ease of installation
- Designated pocket for storing solar charge controller in the solar blanket
- Protected with inline 15A automotive fast acting fuse
- Shielded extension cable for extra layer of protection
- Minimum voltage drops, thanks to 4mm thick battery cable plus heavy-duty Anderson connectors
- 6 reinforced eyelets for securing solar blanket with pegs
- Each solar cell is secured with solid copper backing and thick connectors for maximum efficiency and rugged applications
- Specifically designed for portability and heavy-duty application
- Charging up to 6 different battery types: Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePo4) , AGM, GEL, Wet , Calcium, LTO (Lithium Titanium oxide)
- Battery type adjustable through solar charge controller
- Detachable IP65 water proof solar charge controller PCB board covered with epoxy resins
- Reversing diode protection to avoid battery getting discharged during night and avoids flowing back current from the battery in to the solar panel
- External temperature sensor to adjust charging voltage based on battery temperature
- Easy troubleshooting through LCD screen and multicolour LED lights
- Multi-protection system: protects against incorrect polarity protections for battery, over voltage, over-heating, battery over-discharge/under-discharge, short circuit, discharge at night under low light or no light condition

Additional Information
Operating temperature: 0 degrees C - +85 degrees C
Model / Product Code
Voltage at max power (Vmp): 18.1 V
Open circuit voltage (Voc): 21.6 V
Current at max power (Imp): 8.53 A
Short circuit current (Isc): 9.13 A
Maximum Output
Max power (Pmpp): 154.4W
Folded: 310 x 310 x 70 mm
Product Weight
8.1 kg
Kit includes:
150W solar blanket
15A, 5-stage PWM solar charge controller
5 m cable with heavy duty Anderson connectors
1.5 m cable with Alligator clips
Heavy duty carry bag
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