Our camping fridge range has everything you need to keep your food and drinks cool whilst outdoors. Discover our amazing collection at Anaconda online.

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Can I purchase a fridge at Anaconda?

Yes, you can! Although our camping fridges are not quite the same as your conventional home fridge in the kitchen, they are available in a range of sizes and are specially designed to be transported and run off various types of power depending on your location, so there is no need to spend your camping holiday, boating adventure or long road trip without the comforts of a cool drink or some freshly prepared food.

What types of fridge are available at Anaconda?

You can choose from a range of fridges, freezers and fridge/freezers here at Anaconda, ranging from a compact 10 litres, enough to hold a few cans or bottles and ideal to take along in the car, right up to a mammoth 74-litre fridge freezer unit that will be able to hold a food supply for a large family or group, and many different sizes and combinations of temperature in-between these two extremes.

How do I operate my fridge or freezer from Anaconda?

Most camping fridges and freezers have dual capability which means they can run off normal electricity if you have a hook up at your camp site, as well as being powered by a generator or through the battery of your vehicle, although adaptors (also available at Anaconda) are usually needed for this. Check individual models for precise instructions, power requirements and running times.

Will I need anything else for my fridge or freezer?

Keep in mind that the warmer the environment, the harder your fridge or freezer has to work to keep the contents cool. For this reason, invest in a fridge/freezer cover that will help to insulate your fridge/freezer, as well as protecting it from knock and scratches along the way. To check our food is at the correct temperature, most models have a temperature display, but if yours does not, a separate wireless temperature display is available in the range.

Can I transport my fridge/freezer safely?

Yes, these outdoor models have been built to withstand knocks and bumps in the road. However, depending on the terrain, you may want to look into buying a fixing kit to securely fix your fridge inside your vehicle. To save heavy lifting, special fridge slides can assist in moving the fridge or freezer in and out of your vehicle too.

What else is included in the range?

In the event that some damage is done to your fridge or freezer during transit or while in use, we also carry a number of the most commonly required spares on our website. Suitable for a number of models, these replacements include items such as latches, hinges, and connecting cables among others.



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