Willow Cooler Blue & White

Reg: $29.99 - $59.99

CLUB: $23.99 - $47.99

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The perfect sized companion for the mandatory 6 pack and snags. Not too small that sacrifices need to be made, but not too big to make it a pain to lug around either. It's every Summers must have accessory.

Willow's legendary build quality
Fully insulated against the Australian sun
Unique hinged lid & ergonomic carry handle
Made of HDPE food grade plastic with PUR insulation
Provision for a medium Willow Ice Brick

Material Polyurethane
Dimensions 10 L: 24 W x 28 H x 34 W cm
25 L: 29.3 W x 39.3 H x 42.6 W cm
33 L: 30.5 W x 46.3 H x 46.5 W cm
Product Weight 10 L: 1.53 kg
25 L: 2.5 kg
33 L: 4 kg
Warranty 12 Month Warranty
Primary Activity(s) Camping, Picnics

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