Whether you go camping for a day or a week, a cooler to keep food and drinks nice and cold is never a bad investment.

At Anaconda, you can enjoy a large range of coolers including wheeled coolers and basic ice packs.

Pick a cooler according to your camping style and enjoy a nice cold beverage during your trip!

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  • Coleman Jug With Tap

    Coleman Jug With Tap

    The Coleman 7.6L Polylite Jug is an ideal size for picnics, camping and parties. The instant on/off, fast flow tap means no messy dripping and fast refreshment....

    Reg: $49.99

  • Coleman Wheeled Cooler

    Coleman Wheeled Cooler

    Coleman 15L Wheeled Cooler. Retractable Handle with wheels for simple transport....

    Reg: $54.99 - $157.99

  • Coleman Beverage Cooler

    Coleman Beverage Cooler

    Coleman 19L Beverage Cooler....

    Reg: $109.99

  •   Willow Cooler

    Willow Cooler

    The perfect sized companion for the mandatory 6 pack and snags. Not too small that sacrifices need to be made, but not too big to make it a pain to lug around either. It's every Summers must have accessory....

    Reg: $29.99 - $59.99

    CLUB: $23.99 - $47.99

  •   Willow Wheeled Cooler

    Willow Wheeled Cooler

    This extra-large cooler means it can cater for large groups making it ideal for holidays, camping and boat trips. It is also equipped with robust wheels for simple wheeling operation....

    Reg: $89.99

    CLUB: $71.99

  •   Willow Quickserve Cooler

    Willow Quickserve Cooler

    This family sized cooler has a versatile storage tray which prevents soggy sandwiches and protects fragile food items making it ideal for parties, gatherings and holidays....

    Reg: $99.99

    CLUB: $79.99

  • Coleman Excursion Cooler

    Coleman Excursion Cooler

    Coleman 15L Excursion Cooler...

    Reg: $57.99

  • Coleman 28 Litre Cooler

    Coleman 28 Litre Cooler

    Coleman has been developing coolers for decades and there is a science to cool. Using thermal imaging to check where the cool escapes and ensure that those spots have more insulation, and unique insulation that takes up less room....

    Reg: $77.99

  • Coleman Extreme Cooler

    Coleman Extreme Cooler

    Coleman 66L Xtreme Cooler. Keeps ice for up to 5 days at 32 degrees. Made in the USA. Holds 100cans...

    Reg: $199.99

  • Coleman 28 Litre Branded Cooler

    Coleman 28 Litre Branded Cooler

    Take the new, stylish convenience of a Coleman 28L Excursion Cooler with you to the party - at the BBQ or campsite. While your friends revel in the sleek new look, you'll enjoy the added improvements that better fit your lifestyle. The sleek 28L cooler is tall enough to hold 2-litre bottles upright ...

    Reg: $69.99

  • Coleman 57 Litre Branded Wheeled Cooler

    Coleman 57 Litre Branded Wheeled Cooler

    Blaze the trail to an ideally cooled beverage when you stash your drinks in this 57L Wheeled Cooler. All-terrain wheels help you take your cooler on most surfaces, and the telescoping handle extends for easy transportation. As you enjoy the party, you can use the lid as a chair or a place to put you...

    Reg: $149.99

  • Coleman Jug

    Coleman Jug

    Coleman 3.8L Polylite Jug - Blue...

    Reg: $29.99

  • Coleman Polylite Jug

    Coleman Polylite Jug

    Coleman 1.9L Polylite Jug - Blue...

    Reg: $18.99

  • Waeco Small Thermo Bordbar Cooler

    Waeco Small Thermo Bordbar Cooler

    Lightweight and simple to carry with astonishing cooling capacity. WAECO's TB-08 is equipped with wear-free and maintenance-free technology and can be used for both cooling and warming. Economically priced and reliable thermoelectric energy is just right for a car cooler. Blends harmoniously with th...

    Reg: $109.99

  • Waeco Large Thermo Bordbar Cooler

    Waeco Large Thermo Bordbar Cooler

    Looking for elegance, smooth, gentle curved car cooler, look no further than this new cooler/warmer from the Waeco console cooler range blends harmoniously with the interior of most vehicles. Unlike most conventional car coolers, it is placed on the front passenger seat or the centrepiece of the rea...

    Reg: $189.00

  • Waeco Power Lead For TC35 Cooler

    Waeco Power Lead For TC35 Cooler

    12volt cable to suit all Thermoelectric models....

    Reg: $32.95

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Can I purchase coolers at Anaconda?

Yes, you can. Anaconda stock a large range of coolers from a small compact cooler ideal for a picnic to models that will serve a large family on a camping holiday. You can even get a cooler that can be attached to the side of your director’s chair, meaning you don’t even have to get up to get a cool drink while you are relaxing with your favourite book! Also included are ice packs and gel packs.

Which types of coolers are in stock at Anaconda?

Here you will find cool bags, portable coolers, coolers for your car, coolers for your tent or caravan and more. Some models will require the use of ice or gel packs to keep the contents cold, others can be run from your car engine, generator or normal power point. Please check the different product descriptions for exact details on each model.

What are the benefits of wheeled coolers?

Getting a wheeled cooler will make your life much easier when you are going on a trip or camping holiday. Coolers can be quite heavy, especially the larger models, and once they are filled with food and drinks, they are even more so. Choose from several wheeled coolers with sturdy wheels and handles, allowing you to easily transport the cooler from your vehicle to your picnic site or camp site.

What is the largest cooler that you have for sale?

The largest cooler in our range is an 111-litre model, which measures a whopping W1050 x H440 x D510 mm (external) and W915 x H320 x D395 mm (internal), enough to serve a large family or group, or keep a lot of drinks chilled for a party!

What is a Spinchill?

This handy gadget is ideal if you have forgotten to chill cans or bottles of drink in advance, or if your run out of pre-chilled cans or bottles at some stage during a party. Simply fasten the Spinchill onto the warm drink, and place the can or bottle with the Spinchill in a bucket of ice. Because of the spinning motion, your drink will be chilled much faster than if you just placed it into the ice. A can of soda can be chilled in about a minute, while a bottle of wine takes 5 – 7 minutes! The Spinchill uses batteries.

What else is included in the range?

If you are more interested in keeping yourself chilled, rather than your food or drinks, take a look at the small but effective Companion Mini Evaporative Cooler from Anaconda. The device can be used as an evaporative cooler or just as a fan, depending on your preference, has a tw0-speed fan and is fully rechargeable.

For all your cooling needs for outdoor events, picnics and holidays, check out the extensive range of coolers at Anaconda today.