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Have a look at the Anaconda's range of day packs with wide storage for your camping trip! Select your perfect day pack with us today and head off in style!

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Can I purchase day packs at Anaconda?

Yes, you can. Here at Anaconda, we stock a huge range of day packs suitable for men, women and children from brand leaders such as Black Wolf, Denali and many others, specifically designed with walkers, cyclists and hikers in mind. If you need a pack for a one day hike out on a trail, touring towns and cities, carting a laptop and files to work or school, or for an outdoor sport such as cycling or trail running Anaconda has a massive selection of the best day packs that will fit comfortably and look fantastic!

What exactly is a day pack?

Day packs are a type of backpack, designed to hold enough for a day's travel. This generally means that they will have a volume of between 10 and 30 Litres compared with hiking packs which can range from 50 to > 100 Litres. If you are planning trips that don't require overnight accommodation, you can get away with one of these smaller, lighter backpacks that are easier to carry around and will put less stress on your back and shoulders, while still holding a substantial amount of gear.

What are the benefits of carrying a day pack?

Most day packs are designed to be worn on the back and feature a large number of different pockets and sections. This is great as it means that you can easily access the things you need, without having to rummage through the whole pack. You can keep maps, water, keys and other objects close to hand. Many day packs are also compatible with electronics thanks to inbuilt headphone ports or can be teamed up with hydration systems.

What else should I take with me in a day pack?

That depends on your chosen activity, but if, for instance, you are planning to go hiking or climbing, your day pack will hold your water, lunch, additional clothing or wet weather gear. You can also carry:

  • Snacks, Power bars or dehydrated food
  • Camera equipment
  • Toilet paper/tissues
  • Sunscreen, sunglasses and/or a hat

What else should I consider when choosing a day pack?

Depending on your location and activity, you may want to consider how waterproof your day pack needs to be to keep all your possessions safe and dry. Other considerations can be size - some day packs are designed with taller people in mind and might be uncomfortable to carry around if you are not so tall. More expensive day packs will often be constructed from lightweight material, which can be important if you need to carry your pack for many hours.

Does Anaconda sell other backpacks too?

Yes, Anaconda sells a huge range of different styles of backpacks, travel packs, totes, duffels and other luggage for camping, hiking, sports and everyday activities, so make sure you take a look through the whole range to find what is the best pack for you.



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