Packs & Bags

Packs & Bags

A good and sturdy backpack is absolutely essential for every hiking or camping trip.

At Anaconda, you'll find several suitable choices.

Whether you need a traveling bag or hiking accessories, you'll find it all in our range of packs and bags!

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  •   Coghlans Contain Alls

    Coghlans Contain Alls

    Food safe plastic containers with interchangeable caps for every pourable liquid or solid such as instant coffee, sugar, cooking oil, lotions, pills, ointments, etc....

    Reg: $18.99

    CLUB: $15.19

  •   Spinifex Picnic 1.5 Metre Travel Blanket

    Spinifex Picnic 1.5 Metre Travel Blanket

    The Spinifex Travel Blanket is lightweight & compact for convenient storage & travelling purposes. It's durable materials & quality construction ensure many years of enjoyment. Made from 100% soft & durable fleece with PVC waterproof backing. The soft design is lightweight & easily portable. Ideal f...

    Reg: $14.99

    CLUB: $8.99

  •   Spinifex Picnic Backpack Leaf Print

    Spinifex Picnic Backpack Leaf Print

    The Spinifex 4 person picnic backpack is ideal for a family of four. This handy backpack includes dinner plates, acrylic mugs, knives, forks, spoons, salt and pepper shakers, corkscrew/bottle opener and napkins. It has a large insulated compartment in the back and a handy bottle holder on the side. ...

    Reg: $68.99

    CLUB: $41.39

  •   Spinifex Picnic BBQ Cooler Bag

    Spinifex Picnic BBQ Cooler Bag

    The ultimate BBQ combo. A large cooler for your meat and all the tools you need strapped to the front in a stylish, aluminium framed package....

    Reg: $73.99

    CLUB: $44.39

  •   Spinifex Picnic Deluxe Wallet

    Spinifex Picnic Deluxe Wallet

    This picnic wallet has all your essentials in one wallet....

    Reg: $21.99

    CLUB: $13.19

  •   Spinifex Picnic Trolley Bag

    Spinifex Picnic Trolley Bag

    The Spinifex Trolley picnic bag is ideal for a family of four. This trolley includes dinner plates, acrylic mugs, knives, forks, spoons, salt and pepper container and napkins. It has a large insulated compartment in the back. Ideal for the beach, picnics, camping and sporting events....

    Reg: $94.99

    CLUB: $56.99

  •   Coghlans Toilet Seat Covers 10 Pack

    Coghlans Toilet Seat Covers 10 Pack

    Biodegradable sanitary disposable Seat Cover....

    Reg: $6.99

    CLUB: $5.59

  •   Cygnett Dashview Universal Car Phone Mount

    Cygnett Dashview Universal Car Phone Mount

    A car mount for your phone. Attach the DashView Universal to your windscreen so you can take and make hands free calls, listen to music or get directions whilst on the road. Compact and easily adjustable, it rotates 360 degrees for portrait or landscape views. Perfect for use with GPS enabled phones...

    Reg: $16.99

    CLUB: $13.59

  • Enerplex Surfr Solar Battery Case For Galaxy S4

    Enerplex Surfr Solar Battery Case For Galaxy S4

    The EnerPlex Surfr for Samsung Galaxy S4 has a slim, yet durable design will more than double the life of your phone. The Surfr for S4's integrated battery pack can be charged via conventional wall charger, or via solar panel on the back of the case that is great for emergency situations....

    Reg: $50.00

  •   Coghlans Ditty Bag Set

    Coghlans Ditty Bag Set

    Acrylic coated, 70-denier nylon provide better storage....

    Reg: $9.99

    CLUB: $7.99

  •   Denali Grampian Hiking Pack

    Denali Grampian Hiking Pack

    This Denali Grampian 30 Litre Pack is excellent for day hikes or just everyday use....

    Reg: $99.99 - $119.99

    CLUB: $59.99 - $71.99

  •   Sea To Summit Pack Cover

    Sea To Summit Pack Cover

    For off track or remote hiking or trekking this pack cover is ideal. A lightweight 70D Nylon body offers a great combination of durability in scrub, low weight and excellent value. The pack cover has been contoured to fit most walking packs and is packable into a compact size when not in use....

    Reg: $34.95 - $44.95

    CLUB: $27.96 - $35.96

  •   Leisure Impact Impact Hiking Pack

    Leisure Impact Impact Hiking Pack

    Leisure Impact Hiking Pack.

    Reg: $59.99 - $69.99

    CLUB: $47.99 - $55.99

  •   Sea To Summit Padded Soft Cell

    Sea To Summit Padded Soft Cell

    Padded Soft Cells are great for electronics and other delicate items that need a little more protection in your pack or bag. High-density, die-cut EVA foam encased in 30D Ultra-Sil fabric provides cushioning in a robust and light weight packing cell. EVA foam offers low-temperature toughness, with a...

    Reg: $29.99 - $34.99

    CLUB: $23.99 - $27.99

  • BlackWolf Cedar Breaks Travel Pack

    BlackWolf Cedar Breaks Travel Pack

    The Black Wolf Cedar Breaks Travel Pack is a great value-for-money pack. Ideal for those longer trips abroad where full features & freedom of movement are a priority. You'll be able to climb hills, dodge branches and you won't even break a sweat, or more importantly your back, in the process. This p...

    Reg: $220.00 - $379.99

  •   Spinifex Enamel 485 mL Mug

    Spinifex Enamel 485 mL Mug

    Take a break for a nice warm cuppa wherever you are with this hard wearing enamel mug from Spinifex. It even has instructions for making the perfect billy tea on it so you can be assured of a great cup everytime!...

    Reg: $9.99

    CLUB: $5.99

  •   Dune Folding Storage Box

    Dune Folding Storage Box

    The Dune Folding Storage Box is strong and durable and packs flat for easy storage when not in use. It comes in 3 great colours with a label on top for easy identification....

    Reg: $34.99

    CLUB: $20.99

  •   Denali Graduate Day Pack

    Denali Graduate Day Pack

    Whether going to school, work or just spending the night somewhere, you'll find that this Day Pack is all you'll need for carrying your laptop, books, lunch and whatever else you need to....

    Reg: $64.99

    CLUB: $38.99

  •   Denali Roam Day Pack

    Denali Roam Day Pack

    Roam around on your travels or just around town with a pack that gives freedom to take a little extra and keep you organized at the same time. It comes fully featured with a rain cover when the weather turns nasty and an ice axe loop if you feel the need to bag a mountain peak....

    Reg: $49.99 - $54.99

    CLUB: $29.99 - $32.99

  • Denali Core Day Pack

    Denali Core Day Pack

    The basic, everyday pack for your essentials. Designed to last and stand the test of everyday use. Features one large pocket, mesh side pockets with elasticated cuffs, padded should straps and a cushioned back....

    Reg: $19.99

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What Packs and Bags can I Purchase at Anaconda?

Day Packs (10L-30L)

If you need a pack for a one day hike out on a trail, touring towns and cities, carting a laptop and files to work or school, or for an outdoor sport such as cycling or trail running Anaconda has a massive selection of the best day packs that will fit comfortably and look fantastic!

Mid-Sized Packs (30-50L)

Whether you are doing a more extended hike, going on a camping trip or just travelling light to a summer destination the packs will get you there comfortably with the latest technical advances to make your trip one to remember for the right reasons!

Hiking Packs (50L-110L)

Our larger hiking packs are designed specifically to carry substantial loads of between 15 and 25 kilograms over long distances and through rough terrain. Anaconda prides itself on stocking highly technical brands including Deuter, Denali and Black Wolf that are renowned for their quality and state-of-the-art performance.

Travel Packs

Our travel packs are designed not only with carrying a large load but with comfort, support and technical performance in mind. This pack will be your home while on the road, so we want this to be comfortable, convenient and protect your gear from the elements. Choose from out great range of Deuter, Blackwolf and Denali packs.

Duffels & Totes

Travellers, expeditioners, family campers, gym goers and in fact anyone who has a truck load of gear should check out these products that offer a convenient way to carry large amounts of gear.

Dry Bags & Waterproof Cases

It’s not worth risking you pricey equipment, clothes and other item. Keep them secure, dry and safe in our high-performance dry bags and waterproof cases.

Rain Covers, Pack Liners & Accessories

This category includes toiletry bags, packing cells, dry bags, waterproof liners, luggage locks, travel adaptor and anything else you will need for your travelling, hiking or camping adventure, no matter how far or how foreign your destination.

How do I Chose the Best Backpack for my Adventure?

It is vitally important to choose the right backpack for your trip whether a hiking adventure or trotting the globe. Your backpack will be your home on your journey and you want to choose a home that suits you well.

If you choose a pack that is too big you will have too much extra weight which may be uncomfortable, too small and you’ll never fit your stuff in and it will be impractical. Chose the wrong material and your pack may not perform well in the conditions you expose it too. There are very many options and that can make things confusing. Getting the right style, size, durability and fit as well as deciding whether you want a front or top loading back pack are all important considerations. Talk to one of our expert team member in store or over the phone to ensure that you get a back pack that suits your needs perfectly.