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How To Use A Metal Detector From The Anaconda Range?

Metal detectors are great fun for outdoorsy people, as they allow you to look for some hidden treasures in the great outdoors. Of course, using a metal detector does require some skill. If you are not yet familiar with the workings of a metal detector from the Anaconda range, why not read through the overview below and obtain all the essential information you need?

What Are The Different Parts Of A Basic Metal Detector?

Since metal detectors can have a bunch of extra features, we will focus on the basic parts solely. Of course, these basic parts are important, as they determine the proper functioning of the metal detector.

The stabiliser - Each metal detector is equipped with a so-called stabiliser. This part of the metal detector is meant for your arm, as it provides you with the necessary support while you are using the device.

The controls - When you look on your metal detector, you will find a range of controls. The controls are meant to process the signals you receive from the ground. It will also notify you when there is something of interest in your environment.

The coil - At the bottom of the metal detector, you will find the so-called search oil. This coil is usually round and is the part of the metal detector that is closest to the ground.

The shaft - This is the part of your metal detector that will connect the coil and the controls. It also determines how short or how long your metal detector is.

Are There Different Types Of Metal Detectors?

Not all metal detectors are made equally, because there are different types out there. We will explain the most common types of metal detectors in a little more detail below.

VLF metal detectors - VLF stands for very low frequency. This kind of metal detector is also known as the induction balance metal detector and is counted among the most popular metal detectors out there.

The VLF metal detector has two coils opposed to one. As the name suggests, this type of metal uses low frequencies, which in turn finds buried metal. When a metal is present, the metal in question will send a signal upward towards the device.

PI metal detectors - Even though these can be a little more expensive than VLF metal detectors, they do come with their own range of benefits. Like the VLF, the PI - or Pulse Induction - metal detector will detect metal.

This type of metal detector uses a single coil and creates an electromagnetic wave. When there is no metal in the ground, the wave will create no result. However, if there is a metal in the ground, a signal will return to the pulse induction detector.

BFO metal detector - If you are on a bit of a budget, you could choose the Beat Frequency Oscillator metal detector. This type of metal detector is also recommended for beginners, as this type is considered one of the easiest to operate.

What Should I Practice If I Am Just A Beginner?

Beginners should practice some skills before they head out and attempt to find metal in the ground. One of the things that should be practiced is the sweeping motion, this means moving the detector slowly and low over the ground.

A common mistake among beginners is that they hold the metal detector too high above the ground, which means no signal can be detected when there is actual method inside the ground. To avoid this problem, you should always practice this movement beforehand. Simply bury a coin in a place you can easily find. Then, try to find it with your metal detector. Even though you know where the coin is, doing so will enable you to practice the right technique.

Buying Your Metal Detector From Anaconda

Anaconda has a stunning range of metal detectors, this includes different types suitable for beginners and even expert metal searchers. Our prices are incredibly affordable too, so even if you are looking for an upgrade to a cheaper model, you can get your upgrade for an incredibly affordable price at Anaconda. Check out the lighting and electronics range today for more information.



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