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Clothes Line

Clothes Line

Need better ways to dry your clothes? Is the standard clothes line no longer enough? Stop right there! Because Anaconda has a tremendous collection of clothes lines, clamps, hangers, and everything else you need to get those clothes dry!

The clothes lines at Anaconda are provided in a variety of materials - this ensures you have the strongest line for your needs. Our clothes lines are suitable for clothes made from materials such as linen, cotton, and polyester, but also the heavier materials such as denim! Check out the clothes lines today and get the one most suitable for your needs.

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Anaconda’s Guide to Indoor and Outdoor Clotheslines

Do you want to make your home more energy efficient by installing a new indoor or outdoor clothesline? If so, make sure you read the information below, which is a guide to the indoor and outdoor clotheslines at Anaconda. Read our guide and determine how you can get the most out of your new clothesline!

How Do I Install an Outdoor Clothesline?

Most online guides will tell you to install your clothesline at a specific height; this under the guise of optimal airflow and such. However, it is important to have your clothesline at a height that is comfortable to you. Even though there are some clotheslines you can adjust the height of once you have added your wet clothes, such as the retractable clothesline, most clotheslines will have a fixed height.

To get a better idea of the height you want your clothesline on, we usually recommend having the line at a height that aligns with the centre of your face; this gives you plenty of leeway when it comes to hanging up clothes and taking them down again.

Of course, if you are rather short in stature, this could mean that your clothesline hangs a little lower. Still, you can always double up longer laundry such as sheets to prevent them from touching the ground.

We must also mention that it is important not to have too much sag on your clothesline; this is a problem that occurs often with longer clotheslines. If you find that your clothesline is prone to sagging somewhere in the middle, be sure to add an extra bit of support to keep that clothesline as tight as possible.

Finally, we also recommend installing your clothesline in a shaded area. Most people believe that their clothesline should be in direct sunlight, while it is this sunlight that could cause the colours of your clothing and linen to fade. So, be sure to find a shaded area with a nice breeze to install your clothesline.

What Are the Best Clotheslines for Outdoors?

Many people are not aware that not all clotheslines are as suitable for outdoor use. When you need a clothesline for the outdoors, it is important to look at the material they are made of. Look for materials that are sturdy, but also resistant to rusting and stretching.

Most outdoor clotheslines will be made from materials such as wire, nylon, plastic, cotton, and vinyl-coated wire. Naturally, some materials are more durable than others, with plastic and vinyl-coated wire being the most durable and resilient.

What Are Some Alternatives for the Standard Clotheslines?

There are several alternatives you could consider instead of a standard clothesline; this includes the folding frame clothesline, retractable clothesline, pole-to-pole clothesline, and the umbrella clothesline. Below, we have provided a more detailed description of each type.

Folding Frame Clothesline

The folding frame clothesline is an entire construction that can be attached to a wall. When these folding frame clotheslines are not being used, they can be folded away on the wall to save some space. Therefore, this type of clothesline is a popular choice for families with limited garden space. Folding frame clotheslines are suitable for indoor and outdoor use and come in a variety of sizes.

Retractable Clothesline

Like our previous alternative, the retractable clothesline is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. The retractable line can be mounted between two objects; this includes poles, fences, and even trees. They can also be retracted when additional space is required in the garden or the home.

Pole-to-Pole Clothesline

Pole-to-pole clotheslines are usually pre-constructed and can be placed in the garden. The construction is characterised by several clotheslines mounted between two poles, saving your valuable space, but still providing you with an enormous amount of room for clothes drying. Once again, this is a good solution for families with limited space in their garden.

Umbrella Clothesline

Our last alternative to the traditional clothesline is the umbrella clothesline, which resembles an umbrella that has blown inside out from the wind. The umbrella clothesline is usually portable, enabling you to use it indoors as well as outdoors. The entire construction can also be folded up, so when you need to save some room in your garden or home, it can easily be put away until it is needed again.

What Clotheslines Can I Obtain at Anaconda?

Anaconda provides customers with a full range of clotheslines. Our clotheslines are of the highest quality and provided at the best prices, so no matter how much space you have available, you can always find the best deal at Anaconda.

Do you have a question about clotheslines? Or could you use some additional information about one of the clothesline products available at Anaconda? Do not hesitate to contact our team of sales representatives for some additional information.

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