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Getting Your Clothes Clean On A Camping Trip - Here Are Our top Tips!

When you head out camping for a considerable time, you want to make sure you have a clean set of clothes when you need them. You could also be dealing with rainy weather, in which case you will require a place to dry your clothes.

Is There A Laundrette On The Campsite?

Before we go into washing and drying your clothes with no technology available, let us first look at the most popular option. Many campsites now have an accompanying laundrette. So, if you intend on spending a lot of time on a campsite, then you might have the easy option right there.

Please note that most laundrettes will require some coins or special tokens, which can be obtained on site in most cases. If there is no laundrette available, please read our tips for handwashing and drying your clothes below.

How Do I Handwash Clothing?

Handwashing is relatively straightforward, and most people have their own method of doing it. Of course, you will need some things before you can handwash your clothes. You will need a collapsible bowl, water, detergent, a kettle, and a heat source.

Warm some water up in the kettle and then pour the water into a collapsible bowl. You can also use your washing up bowl, which you may use for your camping utensils. However, a dedicated bowl for laundry usually does a better job. Alternatively, you could also use a large bucket for handwashing.

When using a detergent, always remember your environment. Some detergents can contain harsh chemicals, which means the water with the detergent cannot be discarded in the environment you are in. Therefore, choose a gentle water detergent and always discard the water away from any streams of water. After all, you do not want to harm the local wildlife.

Please note that most campsites do have a dedicated area to get rid of so-called grey water, this is the water used for laundry and other day-to-day activities. If such a location is available, always discard your water there.

When there is no location to dump grey water, you may want to consider a so-called eco-friendly detergent. While you cannot empty this detergent in a stream of water, you can discard it safely further away from a water source.

How Do I Dry Clothes While Camping?

Drying clothes often requires a bit more effort than washing them, more specifically setting up your clothesline or another method you are using for drying your clothes. To ensure you have everything you need, make sure you pick up a clothesline from Anaconda and at least a small box of clothes pegs.

Setting up your clothesline is relatively simple. Choose a prime location with an equal amount of sunlight and shade. Then, hang your clothesline, preferably by using tools you have brought with you. While you can use trees to hand your clothesline around, never damage the tree to put your line up.

Drying your clothes in good weather is certainly not a problem, but what do you do if it is pouring down with rain? Well, in these cases you can always use a simple tarp. Simply use the tarp to create a dedicated shelter and then mount the clothesline underneath. Some campers prefer doing this in warmer weather too, this gives them added protection if the weather were to turn unexpectedly.

We must also mention that there are some camp-friendly tools to dry your clothes. There are some manual dryers you could find useful, although they can increase the weight of your camping supplies dramatically. Ideally, you want to evaluate what you need and how much you can carry comfortably beforehand.

Getting Laundry Supplies From Anaconda

Campers who still need supplies to do their laundry on their upcoming camping trip can find everything they need at Anaconda. Our range includes an immense collection of clotheslines, but also other supplies mentioned in the overview above. So, if you want to do your laundry in an affordable and practical way, be sure to check out the options we have in our catalogue.

Need some additional advice on doing your laundry while camping? Or not quite sure what you need? Get in touch with the Anaconda experts for additional advice.



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