Whether you go camping or hiking, you always need to be prepared.

Fortunately, you can always count on Anaconda to provide you with the essentials you need.

From jerry cans to tent repair kits, grab your essentials today and go camping with peace of mind.

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  • Coghlans Nylon Repair Tape

    Coghlans Nylon Repair Tape

    Rip-stop nylon with pressure sensitive adhesive backing for instant repair of torn nylon fabrics....

    Reg: $7.99

  • Coghlans Vinyl Repair Tape

    Coghlans Vinyl Repair Tape

    Tough vinyl plastic material with pressure sensitive adhesive backing. Vinyl repair tape is tough and has exceptionally strong adhesive holding strength. It can be used to repair tears in almost any vinyl or rubber article....

    Reg: $7.99

  • Coghlans Screen Patch

    Coghlans Screen Patch

    Coghlan's Screen Patch is an Ideal repair for nylon, metal or fibreglass screens in trailers, tents, windows and doors....

    Reg: $8.99

  • Coghlans Rubber Repair Kit

    Coghlans Rubber Repair Kit

    For on-the-spot repair of any vinyl, plastic or soft rubber items....

    Reg: $11.99

  • Coghlans Seam Seal Water

    Coghlans Seam Seal Water

    Water based Seam Seal is ideal for waterproofing sewn seams by sealing stitch holes. The applicator top allows for an even application which will penetrate and coat to form a waterproof seal. Always replace the cap immediately after using. If applicator becomes hard, do not over squeeze the tube. So...

    Reg: $17.99

  • Kookaburra Eye Grommet Kit

    Kookaburra Eye Grommet Kit

    The Grommet Kit contains 10mm brass-plated grommets for canvas, plastic, leather, cotton, or synthetic fabrics. Kit contains 20 grommets, cutting tool, insert punch and setting die....

    Reg: $9.99

  • Selleys Knead It Aqua

    Selleys Knead It Aqua

    A versatile hand kneadable, fast setting co-extruded epoxy repair system that can be used for repairing a multitude of things. It is especially suitable for application to damp, wet or underwater substrates. It comes in a handy roll form, with the white hardener encapsulated in the aqua green resin ...

    Reg: $12.99

  • Selleys RP7 Spray

    Selleys RP7 Spray

    Selleys RP7 is a multi-purpose lubricating and penetrating spray which displaces water and inhibits corrosion....

    Reg: $10.99

  • Coghlans Utility Strap

    Coghlans Utility Strap

    Strong 1&rdquo (2.5 cm) polypropylene strap. Sewn on buckle. Easy to cut and seal to desired length....

    Reg: $7.99 - $9.99

  • Dune Jerry 10 L Metal Can

    Dune Jerry 10 L Metal Can

    A 10 L metal jerry can for transporting fuel is great for taking away camping or for keeping in the shed. Get prepared for the unexpected journey, fill up and there goes one less thing to worry for the trip.

    Reg: $64.99

  • Dune Jerry Can Holder

    Dune Jerry Can Holder

    Jerry can holder to suit your 20L Jerry Can....

    Reg: $64.99

  • Tactical KE Multi Tool

    Tactical KE Multi Tool

    Great little tool for use in any occasion. Keep it handy for those odd jobs around the house, while camping and for every day use....

    Reg: $10.00

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Whether it is binoculars, hunting knives, fishing knives, multi tools, whistles, shovels, tow bar accessories, tent patching, kids adventure toys, repair tools, rugged portable blue tooth speakers - we have any and every accessory you could ever need here at Anaconda. Just search online for what you need or ask one of our friendly expert team members and they will assist you in finding what you need.

Why do I Need a Survival Knife

The first question you might ask is “why do I need a knife at all?” As we will discuss a knife has hundreds of survival related functions and may just be the best tool you have when you venture into the outdoors and there is a good reason Rambo and Bear Grylls always have one handy (but we would prefer if you use it like Bear Grylls’ rather than Rambo).

A survival knife is useful for the following functions:

  • Hammering
  • Splitting
  • As a first aid tool
  • Make-shift screwdriver
  • For food preparation
  • Building shelters
  • Prying Tool
  • Cutting/Slicing
  • As a hunting weapon
  • Digging
  • Making fires
  • Signalling

Information about Binoculars

Buying the right pair of binoculars suitable for your purpose begins with understanding some of the technical terms.

Magnification or Power - If you have binoculars with a power of 10x this means that if you are viewing something 100m away it will appear as if it is 10m away.

Objective lens (aperture) – This is the front lens of the binoculars and is measure in mm. The size refers to the diameter of the lens and determines how much light is gathered. A larger objective lens with the same size of magnification will provide a brighter image with better resolution and a better overall viewing experience. However generally binoculars with a larger aperture size will be bulkier and heavier.

Field of View – This refers to the size of the viewing window. Wide angle binoculars are better for viewing things in close quarters where things may not appear in narrower view binoculars. They are good for viewing things that may move quickly across your field of view, like when bird watching for example. Note that as magnification increases field of view decreases.

Eye relief – This refers to the padding on the eye holes which enable comfortable viewing and often has space for viewing with seeing eye glasses on as well.

Centre V. Individual Focus Binoculars – Centre focus binoculars only allow for both eyepieces to be adjusted simultaneously. This is useful when binocular use is limited to fast, frequent viewing such as when bird watching, hunting or just generally viewing wildlife. Individual focus binoculars on the other hand have individual adjustments for each eye piece and are more suited to pursuits such as boating, astronomy or surveillance that do not require fast transitions.

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