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Need a specific size bucket for cleaning purposes? Or are you looking for tubs to store your laundry or other things in? Whichever it may be, you can certainly find it in the amazing range of buckets and tubs available at Anaconda. Whatever your needs are where buckets and tubs are concerned, you can find them in our range. We have buckets and tubs made from flexible materials, but also rigid materials that provide the bucket and tub with some extra strength when required. So, browse our collection today if you are curious about the buckets and tubs that could make your home more functional.

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Campers, hikers and 4WD enthusiasts appreciate space saving innovations. Collapsible tubs and pop up buckets are popular kitchen and laundry items for any serious camper trailer wishlist, with versatility for use as caravan accessories, water tanks, laundry baskets and cookware assistants. Experienced campers understand the need for food storage solutions, tips for washing dishes, special camp kitchenware, hot water and handy storage tubs, all available at Anaconda, online or in-store.


Collapsible tubs and pop up laundry baskets are flexible, foldable items that hardly take up any storage space. When it comes time for action, they are watertight, flexible and versatile camper trailer gear and caravan accessories ideal for Australian conditions. Space saving ideas are always welcome while camping in limited space, making innovative Anaconda cookware, storage tubs, laundry baskets and collapsible tubs worth investigation.

Collapsible tubs, pop up containers and inflatable gadgets are all designed to make travel more convenient, without having to skimp on luxuries. Collapsible tubs are the easy storage solution when extending campsite space with tarps, awnings and gazebos, and the smart hot water tub for dish washing or laundry duties. Collapsible tubs are soft, flexible and watertight, with unlimited camping uses.


Anaconda is Australia's biggest camping and outdoor retailer with more products than anyone else, so it is worth exploring lots of great options. Along with collapsible tubs, pop up containers and inflatable products, Anaconda showcases all other campsite equipment such as Primus stoves, swags, cookers, inverters, recovery gear, repair kits, winches and a whole lot more. If you are looking for highest quality battery chargers, kitchenware, camp washing machines, food storage ideas, air compressors or any other camping accessory, it is available at Anaconda at an unbeatable price.


Our wide product range means you get to personalise you own outdoor style. Anaconda is the one-stop-shop for highest quality camping and caravan accessories, and we have space saving options for a clean and tidy campsite at all times. Purchasing is easy at Anaconda online. Simply make a wishlist, add products to your shopping cart and proceed to checkout for speedy delivery to your door. Check out the Anaconda Australia outdoor and camping range, and get ready for your next great adventure.



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