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Buckets & Tubs

Buckets & Tubs

Need a specific size bucket for cleaning purposes? Or are you looking for tubs to store your laundry or other things in? Whichever it may be, you can certainly find it in the amazing range of buckets and tubs available at Anaconda.

Whatever your needs are where buckets and tubs are concerned, you can find them in our range. We have buckets and tubs made from flexible materials, but also rigid materials that provide the bucket and tub with some extra strength when required. So, browse our collection today if you are curious about the buckets and tubs that could make your home more functional.

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Get Familiar with the Various Buckets and Tubs at Anaconda!

Buckets and tubs are some of the most commonly used household items, but campers and hikers use them regularly too. Today, we cover some of the common types of buckets and tubs you can find on Anaconda, so customers can easily find the bucket or tub they are looking for. If you want to get more familiar with the buckets and tubs at Anaconda, be sure to check out our guide below.

What Is a Collapsible Bucket?

Collapsible buckets are made to save space. When they are unfolded, they resemble a normal bucket. However, the collapsible bucket can also be folded, reducing it size and allowing for easier storage.

To ensure collapsible buckets can perform their function properly, manufacturers will use materials that are both strong and flexible to create the buckets. Most manufacturers will also incorporate a handle in the design; this enables users to hang the bucket as well as fold it up.

What Is a Compact Wash Basket?

The principle of the compact wash basket resembles that of the collapsible bucket. It is made with travellers, campers, and hikers in mind, since this is the most compact wash basket on the market today.

Compact wash baskets can be folded and unfolded as required. Once again, this gives the consumer much more space to store their washing basket when not in use. The compact size of the wash basket also makes it suitable for campers and hikers.

What Is a Storage Bucket?

A storage bucket is a much larger version of the traditional bucket. Opposed to the traditional bucket, its purpose is to store or transport things, while the traditional bucket can be filled with water for cleaning or other purposes.

Storage buckets are available in a variety of colours, sizes, and materials. It is recommended to check those details to ensure the storage bucket is suitable for the purpose you have in mind. For example, storage buckets may be used to store toys, but also to store your clean laundry before you do the ironing.

What Is a Bucket with Lid?

As the name suggests, the bucket with lid is a traditional bucket, but covered by a lid that keeps its content safe from environmental factors such as sunlight and rain.

Customers can often find buckets with lids in the D.I.Y. store, since this type of bucket is commonly used to store paint. Of course, customers can use these lidded buckets for other purposes too; this includes storage.

What Is a Wire Basket?

Wire baskets are special types of baskets that appear to have a mesh incorporated throughout the design. The wire basket is often used on the front or back of bicycles; this to store groceries or other things while riding the bicycle.

Naturally, wire baskets are available in a variety of designs these days. You can get compact wire baskets to store your basics in, but also large options that could fit an entire week of shopping.

What Is a Pop-Up Storage Tub?

The pop-up storage tub can be compared to the collapsible wash basket and bucket we mentioned earlier, since this type of tub is based on the same principle. The pop-up storage tub can be collapsed when it is not being used, and simply pulled up when it is required.

Pop-up tubs are usually obtained by customers who go camping often. The nature of the pop-up tub enables them to take loads of these tubs with them, without needing too much space. Pop-up tubs are also exceptionally light, so even if you go backpacking through the Australian bush, pop-up storage tubs could certainly prove useful.

What Is a Shower Bucket?

Shower buckets are made to be highly water resistant; this means you can easily use them in the bathroom or in the shower. They usually have a special suction cap on the top, enabling consumers to hang the bucket from any surface in the bathroom.

Please note that there are several types of shower buckets. Some shower buckets are made from a plastic material, which makes them suitable for use in the shower. Other shower buckets are made from canvas, which can be used in a bathroom environment, but are less suitable for the shower itself.

What Other Buckets and Tubs Can I Obtain from Anaconda?

Anaconda has a wonderful range of tubs and buckets, each with their own distinct set of benefits. If you would like to add some functionality to your home with one of our buckets or tubs, we can certainly suggest checking out the rest of our catalogue to discover the possibilities.

Do you have a question about a tub or a bucket in our collection? Feel free to contact the Anaconda team for more information via email or telephone.

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