Anaconda offers sit-in harnesses, chest harnesses and belts to ensure you have a safe climbing experience. Explore our rock climbing harnesses online today!

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Can I buy harnesses at Anaconda?

Yes, you can. Harnesses are often an integral part of climbing, both for protection and convenience, but there are many different types of harnesses and often the type of harness is down to preference of the individual climber. Climbing harnesses will help to keep you fixed to your ropes and safety essentials. Simply put your legs into the harness, tighten it around your waist and fix your ropes on to it. Anaconda stock as various climbing harnesses suitable for men and women from reputable manufacturers including Black Diamond and GoPro, which have all gone through safety checks to give you peace of mind.

Are all climbing harnesses the same?

No, there are different types of harnesses. Most harnesses feature the following components:

Waist belt: Most provide some combination of comfort with the minimum amount of weight. One or 2 buckles help to adjust the belt.

Buckles: These consist of 1 or 2 pieces of metal to allow for manual double-back or automatic double-back. The buckle is usually a bit off-centre to avoid conflict with rope tie-in.

Leg loops: Padded for comfort - adjustable to allow clothing changes while staying tied in. Made from a variety of materials.

Gear loops: Designed to carry equipment. Most harnesses have 4 gear loops, but specialised belts have additional loops to carry even more gear.

Haul loop: Located on the back of the harness, this loop of stitched webbing is used to attach a second rope or haul line.

Belay loop: This is the strongest point on the harness and the only part that is load tested. Anything hard should attach to the belay loop (e.g., a locking carabiner while belaying or rappelling).

Tie-in points: These are the 2 loops connected to the belay loop. While not strength tested, they are quite strong. Any cord, rope or webbing should be fixed through both lower and upper tie-in points.

Rise/elastic straps: The rise is the distance between the 2 leg loops and the waist belt. It is connected with thin webbing or elastic straps. If the straps are removable from the waist belt, the harness is considered a drop-seat harness.

In addition, there are different styles of climbing harness for use in the gym, traditional climbing, alpine climbing and certain specialised harnesses. Women and children should wear harnesses that have been designed specifically for them, rather than for men.

What else is included in the harnesses range at Anaconda?

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