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Can I buy devices at Anaconda?

Yes, you can. Devices are a critical component of many climbers' equipment. You can find a fantastic range of rock climbing equipment, gear and accessories here at Anaconda, including belay devices to stop a climber's fall as well as a range of protection devices which can be placed securely in rocks during climbs, including hexes and stoppers in a number of different shapes and sizes.

What are belay devices?

A belay device is often the first hardware purchased by a new climber. It allows you to hold a falling partner, lower them safely and even abseil if required. Belaying devices use a combination of friction and pinching to produce a braking effect on the rope and the design of a device dictates which effect will predominate upon loading. Devices relying principally on friction (such as those that are a figure-of-8 shape) will tend to be smooth running and are entirely reliant on the belayer reacting quickly by providing a controlling force on the rope and thereby forcing it into the optimum braking configuration.

A disadvantage of the figure-eight can be its tendency to twist the rope as it passes through. Another style of belay device, such as the Black Diamond ATC Belay Device available from Anaconda, avoids this problem by twisting the rope less. These devices typically have two holes just large enough to pass a loop of rope through. The loop of rope is attached to a carabiner sand when one end of the rope is pulled, the belay device approaches the carabiner and pinches the rope. This provides highly variable rope friction, ranging from very little to enough to support a falling climber.

What else is included in the range of devices?

Another climbing essential is the Hexcentric. A hexcentric or hex is an item of rock climbing equipment used to protect climbers from injury during a fall. They are intended to be wedged into a crack or other opening in the rock and do not require a hammer to place. They were developed as an alternative to pitons. Most commonly, a carabiner will be used to join the hex to the climbing rope by means of a loop of webbing, cord or a cable which is part of the hex.

Hexes are a type of nut, a hollow eccentric hexagonal prism with tapered ends usually threaded with webbing, a swaged cable, or a cord. Climbers select a range of sizes to use on a specific climb based on the characteristics of the cracks in the rock encountered on that particular climb.

Hexes can be purchased at Anaconda individually or as a set which features different sizes.

Check out the large range of climbing gear at Anaconda for many more essential items for your next climbing adventure.



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