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Can I purchase carabiners at Anaconda?

Yes, you can. Carabiners are widely used in rope-intensive activities and sports such as for instance climbing, caving, sailing, hot air ballooning, whitewater rafting and acrobatics. They can be used for personal safety and to secure tools and equipment. Choose from carabiners in different shapes and with various locking mechanisms to find the one that is best suited for your sporting activity.

How do Carabiners work?

Carabiners come in two main types: Locking (e.g. screwgate), and non-locking (e.g. wiregates). Non- locking carabiners have a sprung gate that will snap back into place after the equipment has been pushed through it. Different types of gates are available, including straight gates, bent gates (which allow equipment to be clipped in more easily) and light-weight wire gates. Locking carabiners have an additional sleeve around the gate, which will only allow the gate to open when it is correctly positioned.

Carabiners can come in various different shapes including oval and D-shaped. Carabiners are most often made of aluminium or steel. Aluminium is significantly lighter than steel and is therefore far more popular in the outdoor and climbing industries where weight is a major factor. Steel is used more commonly in the industrial world due to its extreme strength and durability.

The strength of carabiners is measured in kiloNewtons (kN) which is mass X acceleration. 1 kN is equivalent to 225 pounds. The minimum strength for most uses including rock climbing is 5,000 lbs or 22.2 kN. Other industries require higher minimum loads up to 60 kN. The overall strength rating of a carabiner refers to the carabiner being loaded along the "major" axis, which is along the main spine of the carabiner. The "minor" axis refers to the load pulling across the gate. The strength of the minor axis and the strength of the carabiner with the gate open are usually less than half the general strength of the carabiner.

What else is included in the range of carabiners?

The design of carabiners has also spilt over into many day-to-day applications, including keyrings and other fastenings for a number of uses around the home. These mini carabiners or mini biners are also available from Anaconda in a number of different styles - but always take care not to rely on them for load-bearing tasks, as they may not have been tested for weight.



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