Don't get caught out when night falls with our extensive range of lights at Anaconda. Including everything from compact torches and headlamps to complete lighting installations to brighten up your campsite, you will find a whole range of outdoor lighting solutions here.

The range includes different types of lights for inside and outside your tent, as well as personal lights and torches, lights with fans, lighting for your vehicle and more. If you don't want to rely on torch batteries, carry the handy wind-up torch for emergencies, and check out the various solar options for lanterns and lighting too.

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  • LED Lenser P5.2 Torch

    LED Lenser P5.2 Torch

    The Led Lenser P5.2 weighs only 80 grams and runs on only one AA battery while producing a powerful 140 Lumens....

    Reg: $99.99

  • LED Lenser P7.2 Torch

    LED Lenser P7.2 Torch

    The P7.2 is 60% brighter than the old model and boasts a recalculated lens & updated cooling system. Weighing only 175g, the P7.2 produces an output of 320 Lumens,...

    Reg: $125.99

  • LED Lenser H5 Focus Headlamp

    LED Lenser H5 Focus Headlamp

    This head lamp can do more than just look elegant. Its special optics focuses the super-bright light of the LED in a particularly effective way or expands it by turning the lens, so that a broad, circular low beam is generated....

    Reg: $64.99

  • Tactical 1 Watt Mini Flashlight

    Tactical 1 Watt Mini Flashlight

    Slipping out in the dark but don't want to wield a weighty torch? The Tactical 1W Mini Flashlight is just perfect to pack into your pocket or purse or clip to your key ring. Lightweight and compact, it still packs a punch with its super-bright, white LED....

    Reg: $2.00

  • Tactical 1 Watt + 3 LED Headlamp

    Tactical 1 Watt + 3 LED Headlamp

    With the option of the high output 1W LED set up for a narrow beam to cover distance, or the 3 ultra bright LED's for close range wider beam, this is a flexible headlamp....

    Reg: $5.00

  • Tactical 4 White + 3 Red LED Headlamp

    Tactical 4 White + 3 Red LED Headlamp

    Whether out camping, hiking or fishing, the Tactical 4 White LED + 3 Red Led headlamp is an ideal option. With it's long run time, ultra bright lights and smart design, you can't go wrong....

    Reg: $5.00

  • Gerber Bear Grylls Hands Free Torch

    Gerber Bear Grylls Hands Free Torch

    When solving problems in the wild you need three things - your head, your hands and your tools. The hands-free torch frees up your hands to work in concert with your head and your tool. The elastic headband offers storage for an additional battery and the adjustable lamp has three settings - bright,...

    Reg: $30.00

  • Companion 12V RGB LED Strip Light Kit

    Companion 12V RGB LED Strip Light Kit

    This Companion light kit gives you the power to quickly light up a camp site, gazebo or awning. Innovative use of leading LED technology has produced this compact, bright and flexible lighting solution that you'll find very useful. Low heat output, flexible characteristics and adjustable fastening s...

    Reg: $70.00

  • Spinifex High Power BBQ Light

    Spinifex High Power BBQ Light

    This high powered BBQ light is an essential for every barbecue enthusiast!

    Reg: $39.99

  • Primus Mantle Ties Pack

    Primus Mantle Ties Pack

    Mantle is a device for generating bright white light when heated by a flame. It is thorium free and comes in a pack of 3 double tie mantles....

    Reg: $5.99

  • Primus Mantle Ties

    Primus Mantle Ties

    Thorium-free, double tie replacement lantern mantle from Primus.

    Reg: $5.99

  •   Spinifex 3 Led Tent Light

    Spinifex 3 Led Tent Light

    A great light for anyone on a budget. The Spinifex 3 Led Tent Light is a handy light featuring a magnetic mount. With a long battery life and long bulb life of 10,000 hours, it's lightweight and portable. Ideal for illuminating the tent or caravan without using up oxygen or giving off toxic fumes....

    Reg: $9.99

    Now: $5.99

  •   Spinifex 5 Led Tent Light With Remote Control

    Spinifex 5 Led Tent Light With Remote Control

    This Spinifex tent light is absolutely awesome & one of those fantastic little items no one needs but everyone wants! Designed to go just about anywhere in any tent, caravan or camper trailer, thanks to the high-powered magnetic mount located on the back of the unit. It has 5 ultra white LEDs that o...

    Reg: $14.99

    Now: $8.99

  •   Dune Rugged Tent Light With Repellent

    Dune Rugged Tent Light With Repellent

    Throw the batteries away (recycle), You won't need them anymore with this little beauty. 25 High intensity L.E.D's with a high and low setting, as well as Dynamo charging or plug it into a cigarette lighter in the car and charge from there. If all those features were not enough, turn on the Ultra so...

    Reg: $57.99

    Now: $34.79

  • Coleman CPX 6 Rechargeable Cartridge

    Coleman CPX 6 Rechargeable Cartridge

    Convert any of the great Coleman CPX 6 products into a rechargeable product. 4.5 volt power cartridge for Coleman CPX rechargeable power system....

    Reg: $42.99

  • Denali Clip On Area Light

    Denali Clip On Area Light

    This versatile light fits comfortably in the hand and can easily function as a handheld light - great for hiking, setting up a camp site, or other outdoor recreational activity. In addition to being used as a directional flashlight, the light can be clipped to a tent rod or tree to serve as a bright...

    Reg: $10.00

  • Coleman CPX 6 Tent Fan With Light

    Coleman CPX 6 Tent Fan With Light

    Enjoy the comforts of home in your tent with the Coleman CPX 6 Lighted Tent Fan with Stand. This versatile light/fan combination delivers the bright light of four 5MM LEDs and night light mode with the breeze of a four blade, two speed fan. Flexible design allows you to attach the fan to the tent ce...

    Reg: $42.99

  • Dune Easy Hang Worklight

    Dune Easy Hang Worklight

    The Dune Easy Hang Work light comes equipped with a hanging hook and magnetic base as well as a built in flashlight making it the perfect versatile light for camping, travel, fishing and home.Note: Colours will be selected at random...

    Reg: $24.99

  • Dune Black Work Lamp

    Dune Black Work Lamp

    Shock resistant and with low energy consumption, this portable, lightweight and rechargeable work light is one of a top quality range from Dune and a basic item in the boat vehicle emergency kit. The clear, break-resistant and waterproof lighting bar houses 27 ultra-bright LED lights which cast brig...

    Reg: $40.00

  • Projecta Led Strip Lighting

    Projecta Led Strip Lighting

    L.E.D Tape Lighting 300mm in length is ideal for lighting up small areas when out in the bush....

    Reg: $14.99 - $31.00

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Can I purchase lights for my camping and hiking trips at Anaconda?

Yes, Anaconda stocks a large range of camping and hiking lights including strip lights, vehicle lights, lanterns, torches, headlamps and clip on lights, for a variety of uses on your camping and hiking trip, or in outdoor areas around the home. Lamps from brand leaders such as Dune, Tactical and Spinifex are available as well as many other quality brands. Lights also include combinations with fans as well as a special insect repellent light.

How do the lights purchased at Anaconda operate?

Here, you can choose from a variety of lighting with different power sources, depending on your location and the type of lighting required. Some of our lights can be run off electric or generators, other can be plugged into your vehicle. Solar, gas, battery-powered, rechargeable and simple wind-up lighting options are also included. Don’t forget that we also stock the batteries, chargers and gas bottles needed for our lighting solutions.

Which lights do you recommend?

Because of the many styles of lights we stock, it would be impossible to pick out just one or two. The best thing to consider is what you require from your lighting. Is it functional, such as safety lighting, searchlights, emergency lighting etc.? Or are you looking for lighting inside your tent, light to read by without disturbing others, or lanterns to illuminate your campsite area? This will narrow down the type of lighting you can choose from. Then look at the power options that will be available to you at your planned location, and the time that you need the lights to be available for – will you require your lights for short period of time, or will they need to stay on for several hours at a time?

Does Anaconda stock lightweight lights for hiking trips?

Yes, handy lights such as the Denali Clip On Area Light can be easily packed in a backpack and can light your way or be hung from a pole or branch to light an area around your campsite, It can also be clipped to a belt or backpack to keep your hands free. For hot and humid conditions, you can consider the Dorcy 3AA COB LED Mini Fan Light which runs of just a couple of batteries and can keep you cool as well as light the inside of your tent when required.

Are waterproof lights included?

Yes, lights such as our Seak Kayak Deck Light are ideal for night-time expeditions, and with its suction cup mounting and waterproof properties up to 25 metres, it can be perfect for boating, fishing, kayaking and other water-based adventures. Other waterproof and splash-proof lights are also available in the range, as is a special water-activated emergency light.

Browse the whole camp lighting range at Anaconda to find the lighting solutions for your next 4WD, camping, hiking or other outdoor trips.

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