Campfire Stainless Steel Whistling Kettle Silver & Black 2.5 L

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A kettle that whistles when it's boiling saves a lot of fuel on your portable stove, as well as signalling the coffee break. Weighing less than half a kilogram empty it's light to pack for camping but highly polished and stylish enough for indoors. Its half-moon handle allows easy filling from the top. Whether you need a heart-starting coffee, a relaxing cup of tea or a hit of nutritious chicken soup to combat winter sniffles, the Primus 2.5-litre Whistling Kettle can do all that - and more.

Modern stylish whistle kettle
3mm thick stainless steel body
Highly polished finish
Aluminium core
Suitable for home and outdoor settings
asy filling from the top of the kettle
Semi circular handle allows ease of pouring

Material Stainless Steel
Dimensions 2.5 L
Carry Weight 26 kg
Primary Activity(s) Camping

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