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They build them big and they build them small. This time Trangia's come up with a slightly larger portable stove specially suited to groups of three or four. Made from ultra-light aluminium, this stove's easily portable - but don't take it away yet, we haven't got to the cooking part. This cooks so quickly you won't have to do your thousand-piece jigsaw waiting for your eggs and bacon to fry. With the supports in the raised position, the stove can also handle large billies for a cup of tea or three. The fun part about the Trangia range is that they throw in a couple of saucepans, a 22cm frying pan, a burner, a pan grip and a strap. Whacko!

Fuel consumption: 0.5 litres of methylated spirits for cooking per person per week (Weather conditions, climate, type of food & altitude can affect consumption rate)
Adjusting the simmer ring can also save fuel
Fuel can be stored within the burner for the next day as long as the 0-ring is undamaged
Lightweight, portable and easily compacts within the upper windshield Pot grippers allows hot saucepans and frypans to be grasped with ease Saucepans and frypan provides doubles-up as plates and bowls
Optional gas burner and canisters can also be purchased to improve heating times (1 litre of boiling water achieved in 3.5 minutes versus 11minutes with methylated spirits). Methylated spirits great for colder conditions temperatures below -10 degrees Celsius while the option of the gas Burner is only suitable for temperatures less than -10degrees Celsius

Material Ultra Light Aluminium
Dimensions Large
Primary Activity(s) Camping

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